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How Home Security Systems Play A Role In Crime Prevention
If you’ve never been a victim of a crime, it’s easy to imagine that crime is something that happens to other people, like people who live in bad neighborhoods or who are careless about keeping their doors locked. The stark reality, though, is that a good address and good habits don’t guarantee anybody’s safety. According to national statistics, a burglary happens approximately every 18 seconds in the United States, in both good neighborhoods and bad. Criminals know how to pay attention and discover a home’s vulnerability; maybe it’s an open window on the second floor or a kitchen door without a deadbolt. Maybe the point of weakness is a trusting resident who opens the door to a stranger. Consider the following stories that took place recently in York County, South Carolina. Plagued By Break-ins A homeowner in Sharon was out of his house for about three hours, and when he came home, he found his front door standing open. When he went inside, he discovered that burglars had taken three televisions, a video game console, and a sound bar. To add insult to injury, the criminals had used red spray paint to deface his walls with profanity. While the front door had been opened with a credit card, the intruders had first attempted entry by throwing a brick through a window, so the homeowner was faced with repairing the broken glass in addition to replacing the stolen items. The worst part of the story was that the house had already been burglarized twice before in the past year. A Violent Assault Police have recently arrested two men on charges related to a terrifying home invasion that took place in Clover in 2015, when three armed men broke into a house and terrorized four people. According to the police report, the men tied up a woman, her husband, and a friend, and assaulted a 17-year-old. The husband was also hit in the head repeatedly with a gun. Fortunately, the victims were eventually able to escape and call the police, but all suffered physical and emotional trauma. Robbed At Gunpoint In Rock Hill, the largest city in York County, a homeowner reported being robbed at gunpoint in his home. The victim said that he answered a knock at the door, and a man forced his way inside. The intruder held a gun to the man’s head and demanded money, finally taking $20 out of his wallet before leaving. Fortunately, a watchful neighbor was able to help identify the assailant and an accomplice for the police. The Role Of Gangs Gangs are involved in much of the crime in the area, according to local police. As of 2014, law enforcement officials had identified 3,200 known gang members in the state of South Carolina, representing approximately 500 different gangs. These include many of the nationally recognized groups, like the Crips, the Bloods, and SUR13 in addition to local criminal organizations like 715 FAM and 901 KOB in Rock Hill. Local police say that gangs are responsible for many of the armed robberies in the city in addition to drive-by shootings and other violent crimes. Rock Hill Crime Statistics According to the latest statistics, a resident of Rock Hill has a 1 in 23 chance of becoming a victim of a crime. In addition, the city experiences approximately 85 crimes per square mile, compared with an average of 35 crimes per square mile in South Carolina and 32 nationwide. These statistics reveal Rock Hill as one of the most dangerous communities anywhere in the U.S., with a crime rate far higher than average for its size and population density. Neighborhood Watch One way that residents are trying to increase their security is through Neighborhood Watch programs. The National Neighborhood Watch division of the National Sheriffs’ Association lists three groups in the city of Rock Hill. These groups partner with the local law enforcement agencies to keep people aware of the number, frequency, and types of crimes in a particular area as well as educating people about crime prevention. Neighborhood Watch groups are also a great benefit in bringing neighbors together and increasing their sense of trust and friendship. Good neighbors look out for each other, and the value of this cannot be understated. Crime Prevention Measures Since most property crimes are crimes of opportunity, home owners or residents can take steps to decrease opportunities for break-ins. Using deadbolt locks on all doors and securing sliding doors and windows with a dowel rod or other blocking device are two safety measures that make a home hard to enter. In addition, homeowners can discourage intruders by adding light. Installing exterior lighting around a property, including motion-sensor lights, makes it hard for someone to approach a home unseen. Setting interior lights to turn on and off on a timer is a great way to discourage burglars who are looking for an empty house. Home Security Systems In the cases mentioned above, none of the homes were equipped with a home security system, which is known to be a major crime deterrent. Simply having signs in the yard and decals on the windows will discourage criminals who are looking for an easy target. If someone actually tries to break in, an emergency response system will be activated immediately, sounding an alarm that will alert neighbors and notifying law enforcement that a crime is in process. A security system may also include surveillance cameras that can help residents recognize someone at the door or provide valuable information to the police. Fortunately home security systems are more affordable these days than in the past, and if you are a resident of Rock Hill, you have several options to choose from. While no crime prevention measure offers a 100% guarantee, you can significantly decrease your chances of becoming a victim of a home invasion with a high-quality security system.