ADT Santa Maria, California

Defining Hazards In The City And How A Security System Can Help
The city of Santa Maria, California has a population of 103,473. The larger has been assigned a crime index of 16. This index implies that it is 16% safer than other large cities in the country. However, since the index is based on a scale from 1 to 100, it indicates clearly that the city is not without its hazards. Due to these hazards, homeowners must install home security to mitigate associated risks. The following are details that define hazards in the city and how a security system can help. What Current Criminal Statistics Say About the City? According to current criminal statistics, there were 458 violent crimes committed in the city. This indicates that 4.43 out of every 1,000 residents were the victim of a violent crime in the past year. Next, there were 3,101 property-related crimes that occurred in the city. These rates indicate that 29.97 out of every 1,000 residents was a victim of these crimes. The total crimes committed in the city last year was 3,559. This means that 34.40 out of every 1,000 residents became a victim of a crime in Santa Maria. When comparing crimes, the statistics imply that 1 out of every 226 residents was a victim of a violent crime. The violent crimes that were reported include three murders, 62 rapes, 149 robberies, and 244 physical assaults. These statistics imply that 1 out of every 33 residents became a victim of a property-related crime. The property-related crimes reported include 666 burglaries, 1,528 thefts, and 907 automobile thefts. These statistics also show that 152 crimes were committed per square mile in Santa Maria. How Many Sex Offenders Live in Santa Maria? According to statistics, there are 145 registered sex offenders that are living in the city. This indicates a ratio of 700 to 1. These violent criminals are prohibited from living nearby schools and businesses in which children are more likely to visit. However, this doesn’t stop them from moving into neighborhoods. For this reason, parents need home security systems to keep their families safe. These systems provide parents with access to their home surveillance cameras and intercom features so they can talk to their children when they aren’t at home. They can also use these features to notify police if a threat appears near their property. Were There Any Gang-Related Activities in the City? According to local news reports, gangs are responsible for a recent string of murders in the city. Police Chief Cam Sanchez has been making attempts to arrest these suspects and remove them from city streets. These gang members have sent a clear message throughout the city that they are making a conscious choice to commit these murders and don’t care about the repercussions. In light of these events, it is evident that all homeowners in the city and neighboring towns should take precautions to protect themselves. This includes installing security systems to monitor their home for risks and keep their families from becoming victims of future murders. What is the Current State of the Local Housing Market? Currently, the median home value for Santa Maria is $350,000. This indicates that the homes are $222 per square foot in the city. According to recent reports, the market has acquired a recent increase in values of around 8%. The current market indicates that these values could go up another 4.5% in the upcoming year. The most recent statistics for rental payment is around $1,895 monthly. While the stability of the market indicates that residents shouldn’t face any conflict, the recent issues with crime could lead to lowered values if they continue. This could also equate to a higher increase in home invasions. These elements imply that homeowners need home security now more than ever. Are There Prisons in or Near the City? The Santa Maria jail and the juvenile detention center are both located in the city. These facilities increase probable risks of home invasions. In the event of an escape, homeowners are at a greater risk of becoming victims. For this reason, they must install home security systems to mitigate these risks. What Type of Security is Best for Residential Properties? The type of security system that is best for the property depends on the design of the property as well as the owner’s needs. For example, if they want to acquire remote connections and install smart home features that are compatible with the system, they may want a wireless security system. They may also want to select cameras that don’t have wires hanging from them that could be manipulated easily before a home invasion. They need to design a system that cuts down on blind spots and provides them with immediate communications with individuals inside or outside their home. Intercom systems are a brilliant way to check on children and deter outsiders from trying to gain entry. What Options are Available for Homeowners with Challenging Work Schedule? Homeowners who are always in a rush need security systems that help them remember the small details. For example, if they rush out without locking their front doors, they need a system that manages these requirements. These systems may provide immediate locking mechanisms that engage as soon as the door closes. They may also provide remote options for locking the doors as well. Installation teams help these homeowners choose features that make their lives easier. In Santa Maria, California, residents are at risk of violent crimes and home invasions. According to the assigned crime index, this risk is greater than average. For this reason, homeowners need to install home security systems to lower their risks of these crimes. Homeowners who are ready to install these systems contact their preferred provider now.