ADT Fort Myers, Florida

Learn Why You Might Want a Security System for Your Home
Most homeowners worry about what could happen if their home is broken into. It’s often a good idea for a person to find out more about the crime in their area and their chances of becoming the victim of a property crime to find out if it’s going to be a good idea for them to purchase a security system. For those living in the Fort Myers area, even though this is a smaller city with only around 75,000 residents, it might be a good idea to go ahead and purchase a security system for the home as this is considered a high crime area. Homeowners can consider a few aspects of where they live to determine if one might be needed for their home. Rate of Crime Within the City Limits Fort Myers is considered a high crime area, with residents having a one in 32 chance of being the victim of a property crime. Per 1,000 residents, there are 5.72 burglaries, 22.86 thefts, and 2.58 motor vehicle thefts. This means it’s likely a homeowner or someone they know will become a victim of a property crime, and that it’s a good idea to look into ways to protect their home. This city has an overall crime index of ten, out of a possible 100, meaning it’s only safer than 10% of the cities within the United States.  Rate of Crime Within a Specific Neighborhood Residents can look online to check out the crime rates per neighborhood to learn more about their own neighborhood and whether it tends to have a higher or lower crime rate than the surrounding areas. The central parts of the city in Fort Myers tend to have lower crime rates, although the majority of the city has mid to high crime rates. A person will want to check their exact neighborhood to see whether it’s in a safer area or not. Even if they live in a safer neighborhood, however, they still might want to consider a security system to help ensure their home is protected when they’re away. Check the Crime Reports to Learn More About Nearby Crimes Local crime reports can also help the resident determine if their home is in a safer area and help them find out what types of crime are more common close to where they live. The Lee County Sherrif Department offers a crime map on their website so residents can get a good idea of what crimes are occurring close to home. They can also sign up for alerts for their neighborhood so they can find out when a crime occurs near them, how close it is to their home, and what kind of crime it is. This can help them be alert and help them spot trends in their neighborhood to better protect against them. If the homeowner knows exactly what types of crime to expect, they can ensure they have the means to monitor their home to prevent it from happening to them. What Helps Protect a Homeowner? In a high crime area like this, there are a few things that can help protect a homeowner. It’s important for a homeowner to be aware of these and to take the steps necessary to protect their home from any property crimes. Installing a Security System – This is something a resident can do on their own. Any resident can install at least a basic security system to help protect their home. They will want to consider monitored and do-it-yourself systems to find the right one for their needs. A security system can help alert the police when something does happen and, when the homeowner chooses a system with cameras, can help the police find the culprit by providing photos or video footage of the crime and the person who committed it.Living in a Low Crime Subsection of the City – If a person is considering moving to another area of the city, they might want to check the crime maps online to find lower crime areas. Living in neighborhoods that typically have lower amounts of crimes can help reduce the chance of a person being the victim of a property crime.Living Close to Police Stations – Those who live closer to the police station might have a lowered chance of becoming a crime victim. Police response times are higher closer to the police stations, so thieves might think twice about committing a crime in these areas. The main police station for the city is located on Widman Way in Fort Myers.Living in an Area With a Neighborhood Watch – Neighborhood watch programs have been proven to reduce the amount of crime within a neighborhood because the neighbors are watching out for each other and willing to contact the police whenever they notice anything suspicious. If a homeowner lives in an area with this type of program, it’s a good idea to take part. If they live in a neighborhood without this type of program, they might want to contact the police department to get help starting one. A homeowner does have options they can undertake to help protect their home. If they live in Fort Myers and want to do as much as possible to protect their home, installing a home security system is going to be a good idea no matter where they live in the city. On top of this, they might want to look into neighborhood watch programs for their neighborhood, or start one, and learn more about what they can do to help reduce the crime in their neighborhood to help make it safer.