ADT Bradenton, Florida

How You Can Protect Your Home and Feel More Secure
Home to around 50,000 residents, Bradenton is located on the west coast of Florida, along the Gulf of Mexico and south of the Tampa Bay area. The city was first settled in 1842 and incorporated as a city in 1903. Since then, the city has experienced a large amount of growth and, consequently, a growing amount of crime. Residents of the city often want to know what they can do to make their home more secure. From checking certain aspects of their home to installing a security system and working on the safety of their neighborhood, there is a lot residents can do to feel more secure. Crime Rates in the City Bradenton has a significant amount of crime. Although it’s not the worst place to live in the state, it does have a crime index of 9 out of a possible 100. This means that it’s safer than only 9% of the cities in the United States. There is a one in 27 chance of a resident becoming a victim of a property crime in the city. Per year, there is typically 1,543 thefts, 397 burglaries, and 96 motor vehicle thefts reported within the city. Protecting the Home With Updated Maintenance Some maintenance tasks can serve as ways to improve the security of the home. Homeowners will want to check the following on their home and make any needed changes to make their home more secure. Locks on the Doors – Any entry door should have a deadbolt that is fully functional. Ones that have trouble locking or are easy to unlock should be replaced with more secure options.Locks on the Windows – Windows should lock securely when they’re closed. If the windows don’t have locks or the locks are no longer functional, the homeowner will want to contact a professional for help.Bushes Underneath the Windows – Homeowners will want to ensure the bottoms of their windows are not blocked from view by any bushes or shrubs. A blocked view means it’s possible a thief can use the spot to hide while they work on opening the window to break in.Secure Belongings that are Outside – It’s a good idea to bring in any valuables like bikes, lawn equipment or toys at night. However, if there are items that cannot be brought in, these items should be secured as much as possible so they can’t be easily taken. Protecting the Neighborhood Neighborhoods that are safer mean every resident in the neighborhood has a lowered chance of a crime occurring. A person who is interested in making their neighborhood a safer place to live can look into joining a neighborhood watch program for their area to help keep an eye out and report any suspicious behavior. If there isn’t a neighborhood crime watch program for their area, they might want to work with local law enforcement to create one. Studies have shown that neighborhood watch programs can have a positive impact on the neighborhood and can help limit the amount of crime that occurs. Considering a Security System for Added Security Many homeowners are going to want to consider purchasing a home security system to further protect their home. This offers them quite a few options from a basic motion-detection system to a highly advanced system with multiple cameras they can view from their smartphone to monitor their home. They will want to choose between a monitored security system and a DIY or do-it-yourself security system. Monitored Security System – This is going to be the best option for most homeowners. A professional will install and test the system to ensure it’s working properly. Then, when the system is armed it will be monitored by a company to ensure any alarms are responded to immediately. This does require a monthly fee for the service and components are limited to what the company offers, but is still a fantastic option for most homeowners.DIY Security System – Some homeowners are going to want more control over the components they’ll use for the security system or are going to want to monitor it on their own using their smartphone to save money each month. For these homeowners, a DIY security system might be the better option. They’ll need to choose the components and perform the installation on their own, but this does offer them more flexibility. Choosing a Monitored Security System for the Home Homeowners who choose to have a monitored security system installed in their home are going to want to choose a company to work with and choose a package. When choosing a company, they have quite a few options. They might want to look into Dehart Alarm Systems, Bellemare Total Systems Integrations, and ADT. To compare the companies, they’ll want to look at the packages available, the cost for the initial installation and the monthly monitoring fee, and how fast of a response time is offered. Once they choose a company, they can choose a package and arrange for the installation. Residents in Bradenton are going to want to ensure their home is protected from property crimes. There are quite a few ways for them to do this, but the one that’s going to have the largest impact is installing a security system. Whether they choose a monitored one or one they design and install on their own, it can offer them a heightened sense of security when at home or away and can help protect their home and their belongings.