ADT El Cajon, California

Recent Police Shooting Has Residents On-Edge
As one of the more affordable places to live in San Diego County, living in El Cajon has its advantages. Although it’s farther away from the ocean than some other cities, residents still have access to all San Diego has to offer within a short distance of their home. The weather is nice and there are plenty of businesses where residents can shop for the things they need and want. Unfortunately, because El Cajon has less expensive housing than many other neighborhoods, it also has a higher crime rate than more affluent San Diego cities. The recent shooting of Alfred Olango by an El Cajon police officer has made the city slightly more dangerous and increased the likelihood you will be a victim of a crime. Although the victim was not armed, the shooting was considered justified because Mr. Olango pulled a vape out of his pocket and pointed it at the officer as if it were a weapon. For days after Mr. Olango died, protesters filled the streets of the city. The release of the video showing the reason for the shooting didn’t seem to stop the protests. Although this happened in October, the climate in the city has not yet returned to normal. People in this city and others should be able to trust the police to protect them and most people do. Many of the protesters have come from to El Cajon from other parts of the country. Some of them are with Black Lives Matter and others are merely concerned about the number of officer-involved shootings that have made the news in recent years. With all these outsiders in town, it’s difficult to know who is there for a peaceful protest and who is in town to start trouble. While peaceful protests are completely acceptable and a great way to bring national attention to a problem, these kinds of protests in other cities have resulted in riots. Whether there is some unrest in the city or not, you still have to live your life. You have to go to work and your kids have to go to school. Grocery shopping can’t wait until the protesters go away. Therefore, you’re going to have to take steps to ensure your own safety while the police are occupied controlling the protests. There are some important things that everyone can do that will keep you safe and prevent damage to your property. The first is to make sure you lock your car doors and remove everything valuable from your car when you get out. If you have a garage, use it. Another way to protect yourself and your family is to install a security system. This will not only alert authorities if someone breaks into your house, it will give you peace of mind as you go about your normal business. The decals on your windows and entry doors will alert would-be intruders to the fact your house is being monitored. Since they won’t want to go to jail for burglarizing your house, they aren’t likely to take the risk. Instead of worrying about what’s going on in your neighborhood while you aren’t home, you can live your life without fear of going home to an empty house. When police shoot an unarmed person, this often brings racial tensions in a city to the surface. Some people are always going to feel like the shooting was justified and others will feel like it only happened because of the victim’s race. While this can be uncomfortable no matter which side of the debate you are on, it gives you the opportunity to start a dialogue with your friends, family, coworkers and neighbors. These conversations are not about getting other people to switch their point of view, but to listen and understand how other people feel as well as why they feel that way. Mr. Olango has been laid to rest and the police investigation into the incident is over. However, the racial tensions continue. In addition to keeping your home and family safe at this time, you also need to be aware of what’s going on outside. Keep an eye on the news and find out where protests are planned so you can avoid them if you don’t want to be involved. If you do plan to take part in a protest or other demonstration regarding the issue of Alfred Olango or any other recent incident, be sure you understand the mission and have a plan to leave if there’s any trouble. Community and police relations across the country have been unstable for a few years. It’s important for citizens to do everything they can avoid violent confrontations with police. In most cases, remaining calm and following the officer’s orders will result in a favorable outcome for everyone involved. Officers are more on-edge than they’ve ever been so it’s essential to make them feel comfortable at every encounter. If they ever need to enter your home due to a break-in, allow them to do their job without getting in their way. Of course, it’s better to avoid this situation if you can and install a monitored security system on your home to deter any would-be burglars before they even attempt to open your door or window. As long as you are proactive and cognizant of your surroundings, it’s unlikely you will be a victim of a violent crime or a property crime in El Cajon.