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Home Security in Surprise, Arizona
Surprise, Arizona boasts a population of more than 120,000 people. Rapid expansion grew the town to this number from a mere 30,000 in the early 2000s. The more than 200 percent increase is great for the city in terms of economics, but has heightened the crime rate somewhat. The town is still safer than 45 percent of other U.S. cities. More than 2,000 property crimes have been reported annually as of late. These include burglary, theft, and motor vehicle theft, with theft and burglary having the two highest totals. This is why it is encouraged for all residents in Surprise to find the right home security system that will protect them and their belongings. An alarm system in place is more likely to ward off thieves and intruders. False Alarm Ordinance Although there are thefts and home invasions reported, not all of them actually turn out to be a serious case. The city has enacted a false alarm ordinance due to the high number of calls that turn out to be nothing. Around 4,000 calls per year are answered regarding home invasions by the police department, with only a handful of them turning out to be true cases of criminal activity. Alarm companies and property owners are now required to verify their report before the police will look into the matter. This is through the means of either video surveillance, eyewitness testimony, or having two separate zones activated within the home with no response from the homeowner. A 365 day block goes into effect after the third false alarm reported by a single household. Police will not respond to any calls from the property owner or alarm company, leaving homeowners vulnerable during this time. This makes it extremely important for residents to do their part to follow their alarm system monitoring appropriately, and respond to calls if a zone is ever activated on accident. Alarm systems will only do a household good if they are being used appropriately and no false reports are being made. Police Presence The police have a strong presence in Surprise. There is one main police department, located at 14250 W Statler Plaza #103. The zip code for the station is 85374. The telephone number to reach an officer is 623-222-4000. They also have a fax, which can be reached at 623-222-4001. The number to always call in case of an emergency is still 911, but these other numbers can be used for non-emergency purposes, such as when a particular question needs to be asked. All emergency calls are answered first by the police department. The typical response time in most instances is around five minutes. This cuts the average national response time in half. It usually takes around 10 minutes to respond in most other cities within the U.S. The Surprise police department’s mission is to maintain a safe community so all residents can feel safe. Crime-Filled Neighborhoods Vs. No-Crime Neighborhoods The most crime-filled neighborhoods in Surprise are on the west and east sides of the city. More burglaries and thefts are reported in these areas than in the north or south parts of town. West Bell Road has seen several theft-related crimes, as has North West Point Parkway. These are the locations that are in particular need of alarm systems. Communities within the areas of Brookside Village, Fields of Surprise Office Condominiums, and Surprise Marketplace are the most effected, and should be sure to have home and business alarms in place. The West streets seem to be popular crime spots, while North streets are relatively left untouched. There are more north street options north of Grand Avenue. That is the area that is best to settle into for new residents. More schools are in this area as well, with options like Paradise Honors High School located on North 175th, and Valley Vista High School on North Parkview. Countryside Elementary is also located on North Parkview. This is the safest area to raise a family. Alarm System Companies in the Area There are several main alarm companies that get utilized in Surprise. ADT, which is one of the nation’s leaders in home security, is among the list. ADT Security Services is located within Grand Village Center South. They have a burglar alarm store there where customers can search for their ideal alarm system. Various options are available, including basic systems, advanced systems with video surveillance, and more. Another ADT security system supplier is located at Surprise Farms. There is also a security system shop at 13420 W Bell Rd # 140. FrontPoint Security is another top rated security company in the city. Residents can find an authorized dealer at 16126 North Civic Center Plaza. Protect America is yet another option. There are two main locations where Protect America is located. The first is at 60 East Rio Salado Parkway Tempe, AZ 85281. The second is at 2575 E Camelback Rd #450, Phoenix, AZ 85016. Both options are roughly 45 minutes away from Surprise, but the city is included in their service area. Vivint is an additional security system supplier in the area. It is located within Stadium Village North. The city of Surprise is one of the most safe places throughout the U.S. It is actually sixth on the list for the safest cities within the state of Arizona. It will stay this safe as long as residents use their home alarm systems and do their part to keep their community crime-free.