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Tips For Deterring Crime Around Your Home in Auburn
Deterring crime is always better than dealing with the after-effects. Crime is often a problem in large cities, with some neighborhoods within the cities being safer than others, and Auburn is not exception. The neighborhoods that are safest tend to be those where the residents take a proactive approach toward criminal activity. When would-be criminals don’t have an opportunity to steal items from cars or houses, they know they’re wasting their time traveling to those streets. Security Cameras Security systems are one of the most effective deterrents out there today. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a state of the art system but it is important to choose a company that has a good reputation for monitoring homes and alerting the police promptly when the alarm is activated. A system with cameras will help law enforcement if someone breaks into your home or even your car if the cameras are pointed in that direction. This information can also help the other people in the neighborhood avoid a similar theft because they’ll know exactly who to look out for. Be sure to get high definition cameras. Neighborhood Watch Streets and blocks with active neighborhood watch groups are much safer than those where the residents only watch out for themselves. An organized neighborhood watch group works directly with local law enforcement to keep their Auburn neighborhood safe. The most effective groups have meetings at least once a month. These meetings offer a few benefits. First, they ensure the community is aware of any suspicious activity in the area. A police liaison typically attends one meeting a month to give updates and answer questions from residents. Another benefit of an organized neighborhood watch group, of course, is that crime is reported to police immediately. The sooner crime is reported, the more likely police will be to solve the crime. When the crime involves theft, a prompt report can result in the victim getting their belongings back. However, despite the fact that someone is always watching, streets with active watch groups have much less crime. When the residents have signs on the street or in their windows, alerting would-be criminals that all crime will be reported, they are less likely to victimize those residents. A final advantage of being part of a neighborhood watch group is that you get to meet and know your neighbors. In today’s world, many people don’t know the people who live near them well enough to determine whether a car in their driveway belongs to someone in their family. This often leads to unreported and unsolved burglaries. When no one is paying attention, criminals can pretty much do whatever they want and get away with it. On the other hand, when you know the other people who live on your street, you might find that you have much more in common with them than living in the same neighborhood. Lock Doors and Windows Unlocked doors and windows make it way too easy for thieves in Auburn to steal from their neighbors. Thefts from cars are the most common and this is more likely to happen near the holidays, when people shop for gifts for their loved ones. Leaving packages, purses, wallets or loose money visible in a car is almost an invitation to thieves. Fortunately, they are unlikely to break a window to get the property out of the car. Locking the doors and closing the windows is the most effective way, therefore, to keep thieves out of your car. Whenever possible, remove all of your valuables from inside your vehicle. Your car insurance is not likely to cover anything stolen from your car that wasn’t installed in the factory. This includes money, cellphones, tablets and purses. However, homeowners or renters insurance might offer some coverage for this kind of theft. Of course, it’s always better to deter crime than to try to replace the items that were stolen and make repairs to your car. Regardless of how comfortable you feel in your neighborhood, either conceal your valuables inside your locked trunk or take them inside your house. Get a Dog A loud dog and signage that tells potential intruders to beware of your pet can also serve as a deterrent to burglary. Large dogs make a lot of noise and can alert your neighbors to a problem, especially if your dog is trained and doesn’t bark for no reason. If you have a neighbor who is home during the day, the barking dog is likely to get their attention and lead to them notifying the police. Criminals know this and are less likely to even try to break into a house that obviously has a dog. On top of the fact they will be likely to get caught committing the crime, there’s also a chance the dog will bite them. Crime is a problem everywhere. Unfortunately, it’s worse in some places than others. People who live in neighborhoods with more crime can take steps to reduce their chances of being a victim. These simple tips will deter a lot of crime and when everyone on the block employs them, the entire area will be safe. This could lead thieves to target another neighborhood or to find more productive ways to make a living. Over time and with diligence from the people in Auburn, the crime rate will decline and people will feel safer in their homes and as they travel around the city.