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Do Homeowners In Burbank, California Need To Arm Their Properties?
In Burbank, California, families need a home security system due to an increased crime rate. According to city statistics, the crime index for the city is 29. This indicates that is 29% safer than major cities in the country. However, this index indicates that it is among the most dangerous cities in this metro region. The following are reasons that define why a home security system is critical for local homeowners. What Do These Local Crime Statistics Indicate? Currently, the city has a population of 105,368. In the past year, 164 violent crimes occurred. Out of the 2,615 crimes reported, 2,451 involved properties. This indicates that 23.26 out of every 1,000 residents were involved in a home invasion in this city. The statistics further identify one murder reported as well as 20 rapes in this city. There were 59 robberies and 84 physical assaults reported by local residents. This indicates that 1 in 642 residents could become a victim at any time. How Does Gun Ownership Affect the Safety of the Property? Statistics indicate that homeowners are more likely to sustain serious injuries if they have a gun in their home. However, gun owners who undergo firearms safety training and follow guidelines for firearm safety in their home are at a reduced risk. The purpose of the assessment was to determine if homeowners are safer with a firearm or if they need a security system. By reviewing statistics, homeowners aren’t protected fully if they don’t have a home security system. The firearm won’t protect them from all potential risks. Additionally, if an intruder gains access to it before owner they are at a great risk. Whereas, if they have an advanced home security system, they have the opportunity to monitor their home inside and out. They can also notify the authorities at a faster rate before something horrible happens. Were There Any Recent News Stories that Warrant the Need for Security Systems? In the city this year, numerous protests have turned violent. These protests were related to cases of police brutality in October and the widespread protests associated with the presidential election. In light of these protests and criminal acts linked to them, homeowners need to find a security solution that lessens the impact of vandalism, home invasions, and looting. Residential property owners, as well as commercial businesses, are at risk during these events. They need to install a security system in the event that a riot arises from what could start a peaceful objection to an injustice. Could the Current Housing Market Lead to Violence and More Crime? Currently, the average home price in this area is around $715,900. This indicates that the properties are $480 per square foot roughly. The average rental price for the city is around $3,100. This indicates that while it isn’t the most wealthy neighborhood, property values are significantly high and currently stable. When the housing market is stable, homeowners are more likely to acquire a better value if they choose to sell. For individuals who realize that the crime rate is rising, they can vacate the area before any major problems emerge. Unstable property values equate to more violence and a higher need for home security. However, the property owner should still acquire at least a standard setup even if these values are favorable. This gives them a higher level of protection against the unforeseen. Why is it Vital for Homeowners to Install New Security Systems in Their Property? Homeowners should get a home security system to protect themselves and their property. The systems provide monitoring for the entire property on a 24-hour basis. They also provide additional features that increase the overall security of the home whether or not they are present. They can reduce the potential risk of a home invasion, carjacking, and serious injuries by installing the security system. How Do These Systems Work? A home security system gives them the ability to see all areas of their property literally at any time. The control panel for the security system controls the cameras and all features connected to the system. This includes the playback and secured access to the display streaming from all cameras. They also provide the owner with mobile monitors that enable them to watch over their home from any room of the property. They can choose between a wired or wireless design. The major difference in these designs are how they work and the ability to hide the wiring better. For example, a wired system requires the permanent installation of cameras. Once they are installed, the installation team will have to move them if a blind spot is produced. However, with a wireless setup, the cameras can be moved at any time by the homeowners. What Features are the Most Vital for Homeowners With Children? The remote access to the security system helps parents keep a closer eye on their children. They can connect to the home security system through smartphone connections. This enables them to speak to their child at any time. Additionally, any smart home connections enable them to use the security system to lock the doors and windows. They can adjust the HVAC system to achieve a more comfortable temperature. They can also speak to anyone who comes to their front door via these connections even when they aren’t home. This is a brilliant way to deter a home invasion or burglary. In Burbank, California, homeowners are a greater risk of home invasions and violent crimes. For this reason, they need a more effective security system. Homeowners who are ready to acquire these systems should contact local distributors now.