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How Do I Know What The Right Home Security System Is For My Family?

When shopping for the best home security system available, a one-size-fits-all approach should be avoided at all costs. Unfortunately, many people resort to purchasing a pre-bundled home security kit simply because there is a lot of confusing over the proper products that will secure their home. Understanding the products that are available and the specific risk factors that they target give many homeowners a better understanding of how they protect their personal property and the well-being of their family.

Doors and Windows are Number One Entry Points
It is often said that the most perfect crimes are pulled off right under your nose. This has never been truer than when a burglar or thief is lurking around. Experienced culprits understand that when a home is not properly protected with a professional-grade security system they have the freedom to walk in and out without ever being noticed. Ademco understands these unfortunate statistics and have spent a great deal of time and energy addressing them.

Window and door sensors work with both wired and wireless home security systems. These sensors are designed to securely attach to the home’s entry points. Prying and breaking the connection triggers the alerts that are in place. Those living in the home are given a head start for finding a safe place while help arrives. Most alerts will case the would-be intruder to run off knowing that their time is limited.

Light the Way to Safety
Homes that are ill-lit create ideal locations for burglars and thieves to hid in lurking. Large bushes and shrubbery, as well as those designer corners create these dark locations. Motion detector lights work well in these locations. Ademco has motion detectors that give the homeowner the freedom to select the sensitivity of these lights. With this capability the annoyance factor that sometimes accompanies motion detector lighting is avoidable. More sensitive settings are recommended in areas around the home that are not direct pathways for the family or visitors.

Sound the Sirens
While many homeowners enjoy the high-tech silent alarm systems that they are introduced to, the idea of having a loud alarm in place still is one of the biggest deterrents available. Ademco offers self-contained electric security sirens that are installable both indoors and out. These sirens operate on a 6 – 12-volt DC power source. These sirens offer the convenience of being installed in inconspicuous locations around the home. These sirens connect to the main brain of the home alarm system, allowing them to sound off when specific triggers are tripped.

Feel Comfortable with the Controls
There are so many different control panels for various home security systems. The control panel should be easy to use, giving the home’s occupants convenient, but secure, access. Ademco and Honeywell branded home security monitor panels cannot be bypassed without the specific codes and passwords that are programmed. This prevents those intruders from gaining access to the home and its protected property without knowing the code that is set.

Remote Capabilities
It is important for many homeowners to know that their home and property are protected even when they are away. Ademco offers products that deliver wireless transmitted alerts to an individual’s cell phone, tablet, or computer. The GSM wireless security systems are built with quad-band support. This allows them to use 2G, 3G, and 4G networking bands to deliver alert messages when an alarm system’s sensor is set off. Use this early detection technology to contact law enforcement officials and to warn other occupants of the home to stay away until all is clear.

Multi-Tone Sirens Give Non-Verbal Direction
Taking home security and technology to a whole new level, Ademco has created multi-tone security sirens. Know which areas of the home may have been compromises so anyone inside of the home can steer clear of these locations. Should the alert tone for the front area of the home be triggered, occupants are able to head to the back doors and windows for escape. Best of all, the Ademco multi-tone sirens do work with other brands of security systems that may already be in place.

Sometimes Occupant Safety Works Best from the Inside Out
Not all dangers are lurking on the outside of the home. There have recently been many reports of small children and elderly home occupants getting out of the home and heading for danger. With a professional-grade home security system in place these great escapes can be avoided. Set the alarm control panels to signal when doors or windows are opened without knowledge. This gives individuals in the home knowledge of a small child or an elderly individual planning their run for freedom. Having this early alert system in place does provide homeowners with the ability to be in multiple places at one time.

Whatever Ademco home security system or components that a homeowner decides to install, the dependability and added security will show through immediately. When additions or new risk factors emerge that compromise the best home security system that is in place, these systems can be ungraded and components added as needed without complete revamping.