ADT Compton, California

Tips for Staying Safe in a Dangerous City Like Compton
There’s no doubt that Compton is a dangerous place to live. Like many other cities in the United States, where the population is over 80% minority and the average income is well below the national average, crime is a serious problem. The city of Compton was blasted to fame in the late 1980s when NWA started rapping about the city and the problems they encountered there as young black men. Although it might not be as bad as it was then, the issues with gangs and crime in Compton leave a lot of residents wondering whether they should stay or go. A recent report showed that Compton is not the most dangerous city in California. Although the rates for murder and other violent crimes are higher than some other places, San Bernardino topped the list. This is because, unlike San Bernardino, the city of Compton has invested in law enforcement. There are plenty of police officers in Compton to respond to calls for help. Whether you are a victim of a violent crime or someone broke into your home while you were away, the police are there to help. They are also always available to take calls from people who want to provide information that will help them solve a crime or arrest a suspect. Without community involvement, it can be quite challenging for the local police to do their job effectively. For example, a homeowner with a security camera on their home may be the source of information that will help the police solve a murder. Andre McMihelk Jr was murdered in his car on his way to a friend’s house for a barbecue. A house on the street was equipped with a camera and taped the incident. This footage may be all the police have in order to identify and apprehend the suspects in this murder. According to police, Mr. McMihelk was not affiliated with a gang so it did not appear to be a gang related shooting. Since many people are afraid to come forward in these cases for fear of retaliation, the police department is attempting to keep the identity of the homeowner safe by not releasing the video to the public. At the same time, they hope other witnesses come forward to help solve this crime. As you can see, security systems can do much more than keep a single family safe. While most people have them installed to deter would-be burglars from breaking into their home, the potential to help your neighbors makes them an even better investment. If more than one home on the street has these types of cameras installed, the entire area will be safer. Although it might not prevent all crime, it could prevent it from happening on that street. The more community members do to deter crime in their neighborhood, the safer it will be for everyone. Since every homeowner won’t be able to afford a monitored security system with cameras, it’s essential for the people who can to get them installed and armed to reduce the violent and property crimes in Compton. The gang problem in California has affected poorer cities harder than others and Compton is no exception. Residents must be aware of their surroundings at all times because gang violence is typically not scheduled for any particular time and place. This means an innocent person could be caught in the middle of a gun fight or other dangerous situation. Compton police do not want residents to live in fear but to be aware. Knowing where you are at all times and making sure at least one other person knows where you plan to be and when to expect to hear from you reduces your chances of being victimized. Security systems and cameras catch crimes in progress every day. Sometimes the crime is merely a property crime, such as a burglary or theft from a vehicle. In many cases, the video from the security camera is clear enough for the police to be able to identify and arrest the suspect. In order to do this, police count on the community to get these devices installed at their homes. In addition to providing a clear video, a monitored security system also provides an alert to police that a crime might be in progress so they can investigate the matter immediately. When police are able to get to the scene quickly, there’s a possibility the thief might still be there. The security cameras couldn’t save Mr. McMihelk’s life but they were a vital piece of evidence that may lead to the conviction of his murderer. No one should be able to get away with murder but many do because there aren’t any witnesses or cameras around to give detectives any insight into what actually happened. People are afraid to give information or identify a murderer because they might be the next victim if they do. This cycle merely leads to more crime. However, if the police merely take a copy of the security camera’s video, they could find out the information they need without anyone having to testify against the suspect. People live in Compton for a number of reasons. Some have been in the city their entire lives and all of their family members live in or around Compton. Others might want to move but the low property values makes it impossible. Still another group of people plan to go but haven’t had the opportunity yet. Regardless of why you live in Compton, it’s important to do what you can to keep yourself and your family safe and out of harm’s way.