Digital Surveillance Solutions for Homes
Security is something on everybody’s mind these days. It seems like it’s not really safe anywhere. With all the recent turmoil it just makes sense to do more for personal safety and home security. The latest statistics have shown that simply having a home security system is enough to deter some burglars. Staying safe is just a matter of not being vulnerable in some cases. This is why it’s so important for homeowners to take a security audit, or talk to a professional service provider for help right away. An audit only takes about an hour in most cases and can offer some valuable insight into just how vulnerable a home is. Surveillance and Monitoring Keeping an eye on a home is the first step in home security. Cameras are the most common solution. Thanks to developments computer technology, powerful cameras are available at very affordable prices and can be installed almost anywhere. Modern cameras feature high-resolution footage captured at sixty frames per second. This amazing clarity makes it possible to review footage frame by frame. Burglars will be caught in the act along with any distinguishing marks or traits. Wireless cameras offer these amazing features without the need for cable installation. More importantly, they can be installed almost anywhere there is wireless network signal. Commercial property or business locations should be monitored using professional quality surveillance equipment. In most cases, commercial sites are poorly lit and night and most often have various debris to block the view of surveillance cameras. The use of a pivoting camera with superior image processing will alleviate gaps in the camera view. The superior image quality will capture any burglars or would-be burglars in amazing resolution and clarity. Most importantly, the data needs to be stored without compression and without being sized down to fit into a limited storage space. Footage Access and Storage Capturing high-resolution footage requires storage space. The larger the images are and more frames there are, the more storage will be needed. This is why anyone with a home surveillance system should also have a security DVR. There are plenty of ways to store data, but having the right appliance can make all the difference. A professional quality DVR allows the user to access footage on the fly, without interrupting the current recording. The footage will also be compressed in order to save space, allowing for more hours of storage. Some models are intended to keep an entire year’s worth or footage. Although that’s plenty of room, it might be a good idea to consider a backup solution as well. Using cloud technology to store certain footage files or to backup the entire DVR will help prevent loss of footage should the on-site unit be damaged or destroyed. If the original unit is programmed properly it cold synchronize with another unit. Backup storage is very important for businesses or commercial site owners. Home Security Audit Making sure a home is safe can start with some very basic steps. Some of them may seem like common sense, but it’s still a good habit to make sure of these things. Walk the exterior of a home to check for signs of damage to entry ways. Cracked door frames or windows frames could indicate forced entry. If there are signs that any entry into the home has been damaged it’s best to contact the local authorities. Checking behind bushes or other obstructions could reveal someone lurking in the area. Contacting the authorities right away to clear out suspicious individuals could help prevent an attack.Check locks throughout the house before leaving. More than thirty percent of burglaries happen because a window or door was left unlocked. This simple step could prevent a break-in and save the homeowner thousands of dollars in damages.Storing valuables isn’t as easy as it may seem. Most people assume that their bedroom is the safest place in the home. The truth is, burglars head for the bedrooms first. Some of the most valuable items in a home are stored right on top of dressers or in the top drawers. Moving these items to a small safe in another room will help prevent the theft of personal items that might be too sentimental to replace.Basic home security kits don’t cost much and are easy enough for almost anyone to install. Although they don’t offer a full security solution, they can provide a good start to take basic steps towards better home security. These kits can be purchased from most any retailer or online at sites such as Amazon. Start With the Basics Cameras are considered the most basic type of home security solution. Individual cameras can be purchased online at affordable prices. They can be set up using an existing WiFi network in the home, as long as the router uses modern encryption. Many cameras won’t connect to a network that doesn’t offer minimal security settings. For larger homes, multiple cameras are recommended. Kits can be purchased online. Some of the top brand providers offer kits that include alarms, sensors, and cameras all in one box. The camera kit is usually the most expensive part. This is because the cameras are only half of the system. The footage needs to be recorded on a high-quality device and made easy to access in case of an emergency. A good quality security DVR can cost as much as the total cost of all the cameras combined, but it’s money well spent. A modern DVR allows online access from mobile devices, secures any footage broadcasts being sent to or from the unit, and can even be connected to a home security system for remote monitoring purposes. For just a few hundred dollars, homeowners can install their own camera and DVR system and help bring peace of mind back to their life.