ADT Kissimmee, Florida

Residents Might Want to Add Extra Security to Their Home
With only 66,000 residents, Kissimmee is a smaller city in the central Florida area. However, it’s close to Disney World, Universal Studios, and home to the Old Town amusement park which features classic cars and amusement park rides throughout the year. Many of the residents in Kissimmee are going to be employed by the local theme parks like Disney and Universal. For residents of this city, home security is going to be a concern, as the city does have a relatively high crime rate. Crime Rates Within the City Limits Although Kissimmee is close to Disney, known as the “happiest place on Earth,” the crime rates are still high. This city is ranked with a crime index of 8, meaning 91% of cities in America are going to be safer. There is an overall one in 26 chance of a person living in the city becoming the victim of a property crime. Per 1,000 residents, there are 8.75 burglaries, 27.58 thefts, and 1.97 vehicle thefts inside the city each year. A resident here is going to want to learn more about what they can do to add extra security to their home. This way, they can ensure their home is protected no matter if they’re home, at work, or away on vacation. Crime Rates Within the Neighborhood Like most cities across America, some areas are safer than others. A homeowner who lives in the southwest or northeast parts of the city might experience lower crime rates compared to the northern and southern parts of the city. A person might want to go online to check out a crime map that shows which areas are safer and which areas tend to have higher crime rates. They can also check out maps that detail what types of crimes occur in what areas of the city to know more about what is happening close to them. The more they know about the crimes that occur near their home, the more they can do to protect their home from the crimes. Lowering the Chance of Crimes Occurring Homeowners can do quite a bit to lower the chance of a crime occurring. They will want to be aware of their home and how it looks. Some homes are going to be more attractive to thieves because of some of the aspects of the home. Below are some of the things a homeowner will want to watch out for and avoid to protect their home. No Neighborhood Watch – Areas with a neighborhood watch program statistically have lower crime rates. If a resident lives in an area that doesn’t have a neighborhood watch program, they might have a higher chance of being the victim of a crime. They can start a program in their neighborhood to help protect their home and the other homeowners nearby.Low Windows that Don’t Lock – Many homes have windows that are lower to the ground. While they might make for a beautiful view, they’re also easier for burglars to use to enter the home, especially if they do not have working locks on them. A homeowner will want to ensure their windows lock to make it more difficult for a thief to use them to enter the home.Hidden Access to the Windows – Along with not locking, many windows have bushes in front of them to make the home more attractive. These bushes might look great, but they provide the perfect area for a burglar to hide while they try to open the window or while they climb in the window. Bushes should be trimmed regularly to be lower than the window sill to make sure a burglar can’t use this as a place to hide.No Lights Near the Doors – Most burglaries occur during the day when there’s no one home, but when they occur at night it’s often easier for the burglar to gain access to a home when the lights are all off. When there are no lights on the front door to brighten the entryway, a thief has the ability to use the dark to hide them while they try to break into the home. Turning the porch lights on at night or investing in motion detection lights can ensure the thief has nowhere to hide while they try to get into the home. Purchasing a Security System The residents in this area are going to want to consider a security system for their home to help protect it further. A monitored security system means there is always someone watching the home, even if the homeowner is at work or away on vacation. A do-it-yourself security system can also be a valuable addition to the home and can give the homeowner the chance to keep an eye on their home no matter where they are. Homeowners can contact a professional to discuss a monitored security system or research their options online if they’d be more interested in a DIY security system. Both offer protection for a home, especially when it’s apparent the home is being monitored, so both types are a good option for homeowners in the area. Homeowners in Kissimmee might be close to the happiest place on earth, but that doesn’t mean they are far removed from the possibility of a crime occurring. It’s a good idea for homeowners in this area to ensure their home is protected from property crimes by making sure they follow the advice above. This could help them avoid becoming another victim in the area and help make the city safer for the residents.