ADT Dothan, Alabama

Even Residents in the Peanut Capital of the World Might Need a Security System
Dothan, Alabama is famous for the number of peanuts they grow each year. In fact, this city processes nearly one-fourth of the peanuts in the United States, with many of the peanuts being grown in the city or nearby. However, the city does still have a significant amount of crime which means the residents might want to consider purchasing a security system for their home. When a resident is wondering if they’ll need one, they should consider a few facts about where they live. What is the Crime Rate in the City Itself? For every 1,000 residents in Dothan, there are 6.72 burglaries, 23.47 thefts, and 1.47 motor vehicle thefts on average each year. This gives the city an overall crime index of 14 out of a possible 100, which means they are safer than 14% of the cities in America. A person who lives in Dothan has a one in 32 chance of being the victim of a property crime, which is a significantly high number. Because of the higher chance of being the victim of a crime compared to other cities in the United States, a person might want to go ahead and think about having a security system installed in their home or about installing one on their own. What is the Crime Like Near the Homeowner? Even though the average amount of crime for the city is high, some neighborhoods are going to be safer than others. The majority of crime in Dothan occurs in the center of the city and the northeastern quarter of the city. Other areas, especially the westernmost part of the city, tend to be much safer. The homeowner will want to consider where in the city they live as well as check out websites that can help them determine what types of crimes are more prevalent near their home and how much crime typically occurs near their home. How Does the Homeowner Feel About Where They Live? Although this is very subjective, it is something the homeowner will want to consider. It’s also something that can easily change over time if they start to hear about more crime in their area. A homeowner will want to consider whether they feel safe in their home or that their home is safe when they’re gone. If there are any doubts regarding the security of their home, they’re going to want to consider a security system for the peace of mind even if they live in an area that typically has lower crime rates than other areas in the city. A homeowner can always start with a more basic security system and add on additional components in the future if they would like to ensure they have at least minimal security for their home right away. Is the Homeowner Located Near a Police Station? The neighborhoods closest to police stations tend to have lower crime rates because of the faster response times. If a homeowner lives close to a police station, they might not need to spend the money on a monitored system every month or might want to consider a more basic security system instead of a more expensive one. The local police station for Dothan is located on St. Andrews Street. Is there a Neighborhood Watch Program for their Neighborhood? Neighborhood watch programs are proven to reduce crime in a neighborhood. The homeowners in the neighborhood work together to keep an eye on the neighborhood all of the time and to report any suspicious behavior to the police. By doing so, they can help catch criminals before they do anything within the neighborhood or help scare off potential thieves who might be looking for something easy to take. There are neighborhood watch programs in the area, and a homeowner can check online to see if their neighborhood is included. If not, they can work with the police department to create one. What Security Companies are Available? Residents of Dothan have quite a few options available if they’re looking for a monitored security system for their home. Companies like Burdeshaw’s Lock and Security, ADS security, and Harris Security Systems offer security services to help a homeowner find the right security system for their home. After the homeowner chooses the components they need, they can have a professional install it and will be able to have 24/7 monitoring for their home. This can help keep potential criminals away from their home as the majority will avoid homes with a working security system. What Other Security Options Does the Homeowner Have? Homeowners have other options to help secure their home as well. Many homeowners are opting for do-it-yourself systems nowadays. Even though they aren’t independently monitored, there are a number of options the homeowner can choose from to enable them to monitor their own home. They might, for example, invest in IP cameras with motion detection that will alert them if there is any activity within the camera’s view. The homeowner might also want to look into smart appliances, like smart locks, that are not key operated but, instead, operated using the homeowner’s Bluetooth on their smartphone or a numerical key.  By taking the time to think about these questions, the homeowner can determine if it’s a good idea to purchase a security system and, if so, which one they should purchase. Anyone in Dothan might want to go through these questions and think about their own answers to determine how safe they feel within their own home and whether a security system would be a good option for their home.