ADT Quincy, Massachusetts

Top City-Based Reasons For Installing A Security System In Your Home
With a population of 93,397, Quincy, Massachusetts is not without its risks. The crime index assigned to the city is 37. This indicates that it is 37% safer than most major cities in the country. However, it is not without high annual crime rate as compared to its population. This rate implicates a real need for home security for homeowners. The following are reasons for installing a security system in residential properties. What Current Criminal Statistics Say About the Quincy? According to statistics, there were 394 violent crimes in the last year. This shows that 4.22 out of every 1,000 residents were the victim of a violent crime in Quincy. There were also 1,516 property-related crimes in the city. This shows a rate of 16.23 out of every 1,000 residents were involved in a property-related crime. As a whole, there were 1,190 crimes total for the year. This shows that 20.45 out of every 1,000 residents was the victim of a crime. Upon review of the breakdown of crimes in Quincy, there were no murders committed last year. However, there were 35 rapes, 73 robberies, and 286 physical assaults reported. This indicates that 1 in every 237 residents was the victim of a violent crime. In terms of property-related crimes, there were 405 home invasions, 1,048 thefts involving various forms of property, and 63 automobile thefts including carjackings. These statistics imply that 1 in every 62 residents was the victim of a home invasion, auto theft, or lost valuables due to crime. As a whole, the statistics show that 116 crimes occurred per square mile in Quincy. Are There Any Sexual Predators Living in the City? Current statistics show that there are 20 sexual predators living in Quincy. This indicates a ratio of 4,651 to 1 as compared to the total population of the city. This includes numerous sexual assaults and violent acts against children. For this reason, homeowners must install security systems to keep them and their children safe from this viable threat in their city. It is recommended that they acquire top-notch security systems that allow them to monitor their property and children closely for this exact reason. What is the Current State of the Local Housing Market? Current statistics show that the housing market in Quincy is not stable. In fact, it is classified as cold. This indicates that properties will stay on the market for longer periods of time and could acquire lower values upon selling. The average home value in the city is around $405,500. This indicates that values were increased within the last year by a margin of 5%. It also indicates that the house values are based on $312 per square foot. The average rental price for properties in the city is around $1,900. While predictions indicate a possible increase by 3% in the upcoming year, the crime rate could affect these values and make it difficult for individuals who wish to sell and move. With an unstable housing market, crime rates could increase and place homeowners at an all-time risk. Was There Any Gang Activity in the City? Yes, the city of Quincy has been impacted by gangs that originated from Boston. These gangs are responsible for home invasions, physical assault, and serious property damage. The state has arrested sixty gang members so far this year in connection to numerous crimes in the metro area. A Quincy man was arrested in June in connection with these gangs and faces federal charges for burglaries and violent crimes. These risks present a real need for homeowners to take careful action in securing their homes. It is due to these risks that homeowners need better home security systems that mitigate associated risks right now. Are There Jails or Prisons in or Near the City? Yes, the city of Quincy has its own city jail. With the increase of gang-related crimes, it is more likely that these inmates will be transferred to a county or federal holding facility. However, this doesn’t indicate that an escape isn’t probable from the city jail. The jail holds hundreds of inmates each year. These arrests could indicate a high probability of risks for homeowners who live nearby these areas. For this reason, homeowners who are within close proximity to the city jail need viable home security systems to provide adequate protection. What Type of Security is Best for Residential Properties in Quincy? Homeowners must assess their home security options based on what opportunities are best for their area. Since the area experiences a high volume of adverse weather, they need surveillance cameras that won’t fail during high snowfall. They need options that won’t become damaged or fail due to extreme temperatures. These assessments may provide them with clear choices among wired security systems. These options may perform better for local residents and provide them better options for protecting the exterior wiring system to prevent tampering. What Options are Available for Homeowners Who are Away Frequently? Homeowners who travel frequently need a system that provides remote connections. These connections allow them to view their home inside and out through internet-based connections. They enable them to utilize smart home features as well. These features include access to lighting to give the impression that they are home even when they are away. In Quincy, Massachusetts, homeowners need to security systems that lower their risks of financial losses and potential physical injuries. These systems give them an advantage over would-be criminals hoping to conduct a successful home invasion. Homeowners who are ready to install a new security system contact a local provider now.