ADT Pueblo, Colorado

Home Security Considerations in Pueblo, Colorado’s Most Dangerous City
More than 100,000 residents call Pueblo, Colorado home. This county seat is also the most densely populated city in the county, and used to be known, appropriately, as the Steel City. Until 1982, Pueblo was also home to the Colorado Fuel and Iron Steel Mill, which used to be the largest employer in the state. When the market crashed in 1982, the company was forced into decline and, ultimately, bankruptcy. The long-term result of the steel market crash is that Pueblo is now attributed less prestigious recognition as one of the poorest cities in the state. Thankfully for those who have suffered as a result of the city’s declining industry, it also ranks as the sixth least expensive city in the country in terms of cost of living, increasing its appeal to lower income residents. Average monthly rent within city limits is only $750. When compared to the rest of Colorado, this may help to explain why the city’s population continues to rise despite being recently labeled as the most dangerous city in Colorado. Along with low cost of living and, sadly, still increasing poverty rates, a similar increase in the prevalence of drug use has been noted in the area. Research into local substance abuse has brought to light some unfortunate statistics. Over 2,000 residents are known to abuse prescription drugs, with only a slightly lesser number of people resorting to illicit substances. Over 600 individuals are currently facing drug charges in court, and the city’s only drug abuse rehabilitation center has difficulty keeping up with demands for help. Another related, and significantly more wide-reaching, result of declining industry and increasing poverty levels has been to send crime rates in the city skyrocketing. Local rates of all forms of violent and property crimes hold steady at around twice the national average. This leaves the city’s 194 police officers with a lot of work to do, leading to slower response times and increased frustration on the part of homeowners. Unfortunately when rates of violent crime are 175% higher than the national average, overworked officers are left with less time and energy to deal with issues such as break-ins, robberies, and other forms of home invasion. As a result, residents experienced 285% more burglaries last year than the national average. Some residents have responded by increasing efforts at community policing through the Pueblo County Neighborhood Watch and Business Crime Watch. Concerned citizens, however, can only do so much when it comes to regular patrols and crime prevention. The majority of the responsibility for preventing property crime must be assumed by homeowners and renters themselves. Ordinary precautions such as ensuring that all doors and windows are locked at night, or when leaving the home, can help, but most inhabitants find that knowing their families are sleeping behind locked doors is not enough to assuage their understandable fear of home invasion. In most cities, burglars target individuals and families that ostentatiously display their wealth. In Pueblo, this is not necessarily the case. No building is immune to the threat of burglary; not even churches. Recently a church on Beech Street was broken into. Three suspects have since been detained by police, and accused of stealing a television and two DVD players, with a collective estimated value of $750. The robbery was one of many occurring in the area since the end of summer. The fact that not even a church, widely known to be a place of sanctuary, can consider itself safe from break-ins speaks to the prevalence of property crime in Pueblo, and the necessity of ensuring that both residents and their possessions are kept safe. Burglars willing to break into a church for $750 worth of electronics will certainly not think twice about breaking into a home for even less. For those concerned by rising crime rates, a variety of options are available. Many home security companies serve the greater Pueblo area, but only two have physical offices located within city limits. ADT Security Services has an authorized dealer on 617 W29th Street, and the office for TNT Security is located at 421 Main Street. More options are available to those who don’t mind contracting through a state or national office by phone. When it comes to making a decision about what kind of security system to install, associated costs often play a large role. Extensive security systems with cameras, motion sensors, and active monitoring by a security company may be cost-prohibitive for many residents. However, should this be the case, even a simple home alarm can help to deter potential burglars. Homes that are equipped with alarm systems are statistically far less likely to be broken into. In a dangerous city such as Pueblo, it’s a good idea to actively advertise the fact that the household is protected by placing an official decal in the window, or a sign in the yard. Prevention is, after all, the best cure. Should a burglar choose his target based on a false belief that no alarm system is present, he will be much more likely to steal whatever makes an easy target before police are able to respond. This is particularly true in cities where burglars know that high crime rates are reflected by increased police response times. One of the least expensive options for home security is a wireless alarm system. These can usually be installed easily in both homes and apartments by the residents themselves, saving more money by avoiding the need for an electrician or home security specialist. The relatively small investment required to purchase and install a wireless alarm is one most homeowners and renters alike find a reasonable price to pay for the knowledge that their homes, possessions, and families are protected.