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Crime in Santa Ana, California
Overall crime rates in Santa Ana, California are highest in the city center and in south Santa Ana, specifically around West MacArthur Blvd and Bear St.

On the other hand, the safest areas to live are Hewes Ave and Foothill Blvd, located in the east of the city and East Edinger Ave and Cedar St located just east of the city center.

The crime index for Santa Ana is currently sitting at a 36 out of 100, where 100 is the safest. The chances of you becoming a victim of crime in Santa Ana are 1 out of 256.

Annual robbery statistics in Santa Ana, CA
There are an average of 1,729,806 burglaries that occur each year
There were 5,858,496 reported thefts in 2015
There are an average of 689,000 motor vehicle thefts per year

According to Zillow’s latest statistics, the median home value in Orange County currently sits around $659,700. These numbers have risen 4.1% since last year and are expected to rise another 0.3% by next year. Normally, housing rates will rise when a city is safe and crime rates are lower, making the demand for living more immediate and leaving the residents happier.

Housing rates may be going up in Santa Ana, however, they are still cheaper, in comparison, to the real estate in the rest of California.Housing in Santa Ana is also more crowded.

According to a comprehensive list of the 50 safest cities to live in California, Santa Ana is not one of them. However, many (in fact, most) of the surrounding Santa Ana areas have been listed as some of the safest places to live in California.

Gangs tend to reside in the downtown areas of Santa Ana making it more unsafe and putting you at a higher risk in those areas. While there is a decent amount of gang activity that is still occurring in Santa Ana, like any major city, some say that Santa Ana is going through a sort of renaissance revival and is making a turn for the better in terms of employment, equal opportunities, arts and education.

Prison information

In January of this year 16 hours passed before officials realized that 3 inmates had escaped from the “high-security” of the Santa Ana prison. According to an article published by the LA Times, the jail only has two inmate head counts per day: one at 5am and one at 8pm. This gives a lot of wiggle room for inmates to escape and make their way into the city center.

Now, we are being told, that the Santa Ana prison has undergone intense scrutiny and has taken steps towards preventing escapes like this in the future. Additionally, since the escape, the Sheriff’s Department has been conducting a “roof-to-basement” check of the entire jail, says deputy Hallock. Finally, an $11 million dollar plan to revamp jail security and camera systems has been put into place and is taking full effect this year.

Those living around the Santa Ana Jail, which is located at 62 Civic Center Plaza are more likely to buy and use their alarm system due to higher crime rates (and therefore lower housing rates) in the surrounding prison areas. The jail is located just west of the city center.

Alarm systems
Things are looking up for Santa Ana, CA, especially when it comes to home safety and security. According to an ADT article entitled, The Top 10 Cities Leading the Way in Home Security, Santa Ana was second on the list! It ranked second for its 1,116 recorded burglaries. This number when paired with the number of residents (340,240) in Santa Ana, make it one of the cities that has seriously “cracked down on gang activity” and has spent time and energy developing closer partnerships with schools to reduce after-school crime by juvenile offenders. Additionally, Santa Ana, like New York City, has began a “community policing policy,” says ADT, “that emphasizes a close partnership between the city’s citizens and their police.”

Statistics show that Santa Ana is taking many positive steps towards home safety and security improvements. There are, however, a number of steps that you can take to prevent burglaries in your home and keep your family safe.

One of the easiest and affordable things that you can do for your family is install a home security and alarm system. There are a large number of companies located in the surrounding Santa Ana, California region that are ready to do a next-day installation free of charge. Don’t risk another night of sleep while you are unprotected. Call them today.

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