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Tips for Choosing the Best Home Security System for Seniors

Age comes with wisdom, which is probably the reason why many seniors want a home security system that will fit their specific needs. The following should be helpful in understanding what a senior might need and how the best home alarm companies might address those requirements.

The Need for a Customized Senior Home Security System

There are a few things that seniors should consider. The following are a few issues that some seniors are dealing with or think they might deal with in the future:


Forgetfulness is a normal side effect of aging, but the severeness can vary. Of course, there are things that could be done to prevent memory issues like ensuring the intake of vitamin B12 or making aerobic exercises a routine, but nothing will guarantee success. The fact that forgetfulness is a possibility for seniors is one reason why it is a factor in the right security system.

Olfactory Issues

Another issue that might affect seniors is the gradual decrease of olfactory senses. This means that a senior might have a hard time smelling certain scents that would have come easy otherwise. It is said that about one quarter of men between the ages of 60 to 69 may have some olfactory issues. Eleven percent of women are affected by some olfactory issue within that range as well. The possibility of losing the sense of smell worries some seniors. It is not uncommon that a senior fails to smell chemical leaks like gas leaks.

Health-Related Risks

A senior might have health issues that should be taken into consideration. These issues could put seniors in danger at any time. This is perhaps one reason why many seniors choose to live in a supervised home. Still, it is no secret that a senior would rather stay at home than live with a bunch of strangers.

It is clear to see why a senior may need a customized security system and why home alarm companies should offer this.

How the Right Home Security System can Address Senior Concerns

The following are just some of the ways that the right home security system can address the concerns of elderly homeowners:

Help Avoid Memory-Related Issues

A crucial tool that a good home security system designed for the elderly should have is automated capabilities. What is automation? It boils down to several types of devices that are installed throughout the home, which allow the security system to turn certain gadgets on and off at designated times.

It is not uncommon that a senior has a particular schedule that is rarely broken. This allows automation to work in perfectly with a senior’s lifestyle. The following are a few things that could be automated:

  • Lights
  • HVAC system
  • Sprinklers

A senior could automate some of these gadgets and not worry about forgetting to turn them on or off. Of course, the automation of these systems work to help keep the senior safe from burglaries because it makes the home feel occupied at all times. Burglars would rather break into a home that is empty.

Dealing With Olfactory Problems

Upgraded security systems that include more sensors than automated gadgets could be helpful for seniors, too. Sensors can be placed on the doors, windows, and emergency detectors. Of course, the sensors on the doors and windows are there to ensure that the system is triggered should those entry points be compromised.

The sensors that will help a senior deal with his or her olfactory issue are the emergency detectors. These should help with the following:

  • The detectors can automatically alert the security system team that smoke is on the premises.
  • Detectors can be installed to constantly check for leaks of carbon monoxide.

It should be noted that these sensors and the entire system can be linked to smart devices. This means that a senior can leave the home and continuously check on his or her phone via his or her smart device. It should be noted that this aspect of smart home security makes traveling to visit grandchildren or offspring safer, since the homeowner will always have access to the security system.

Reducing the Risks of Living Alone

One of the best things about some security systems is they are monitored at all times. This is especially good news for seniors who are worried about suffering a health-related accident and not being able to call for help.

This is one reason why home security systems that are specifically designed for seniors come with one more type of sensor, which helps detect falls. The sensor is designed to notify a member of the home security center about a possible issue. The security member will attempt to communicate with the senior.

The security monitor will immediately call the authorities and notify emergency services should the senior fail to confirm that everything is okay. Installing this, in addition to the rest of the home security gear, should make a home perfectly suited for senior citizens. In fact, this is a great gift that children can give their senior family members because it might save a life.

Of course, it is important to talk to the home security company that is being considered to go over some of the benefits and confirm some of the ones mentioned here. Still, it is clear to see that home security can protect a senior in more ways than one. This definitely makes the investment worthwhile but also vital for seniors.