ADT Hialeah, Florida

Budget Crisis Threatens Hialeah, Fl & Home Security is as Important as Ever

The chance of a homeowner becoming a victim of property crime in Hialeah, Fla., is one in 35, which is relatively low. The improvements in the city have been associated with the police department and the mayor, Carlos Hernandez. The city has been reducing the crime rate for five straight years, and it is slowly becoming one of the safest cities in the state. Still, everything is not peachy, and homeowners need to know about a few things to ensure the safety of their homes.

Hialeah’s Cop Budget Issues

Hialeah has been going through some issues, even with the mayor attempting to do his best for the city. Balancing the budget has been one of the mayor’s most vocal goals, but this is something that he has fallen short on. As it stands, the city is facing a $28 million deficit. This shortfall is putting the mayor in a pickle because he has to make some cuts.

One of the most controversial cut proposals is cutting the police force. This may lead to delayed police response times. Sure, the mayor has definitely done his best with what he has, but these budget issues are becoming a danger to some of the progress that the city has made. It is clear that these budget cuts could compromise home security, making it imperative that a homeowner take action.

Highlighted Home Invasions

There is a lot of good being done in Hialeah, but people are still in danger because certain individuals seek to do criminal acts. The following are just some instances that clearly show that danger may be lurking in the city.

A Quick Robbery

A young woman was assaulted in her home in the Hollywood area. The attack was quick, and the criminals took a television, smartphone, and a vehicle. It should be noted that this is not abnormal. A burglar can usually break into a home and finish his or her deed within 13 seconds. The rashness of a crime makes it important to have a home security system that responds automatically to the danger and sends help as soon as possible.

Pistol-Whipping a 76-Year-Old

Another unfortunate event occurred in the Hialeah area to a 76-year-old homeowner. The home was invaded by three men. One of the criminals beat the man with a gun while demanding money. There was a younger victim, but the criminals did not hurt her. The man who was hurt did survive the attack and was taken to the hospital.

Man Sexually Abuses Victims

A home in northeast Miama-Dade was invaded in May this year. The suspect forced his way into the house and was armed. Two sisters were there, and they were both sexually violated by the criminal. The criminal was in the house for an hour and asked the victims to remove their clothes. Money was taken before he left, and the man has not been found. The police managed to release a sketch based on surveillance, which should definitely make it easier to find the perpetrator. No alarm system was connected to the surveillance equipment, which is definitely a tragedy, as it could have prevented this traumatic turn of events.

As safe as this city is, danger is still here, and it is important that homeowners remember that.

Making a Home Safer

The question any homeowner might have is how he or she can make a home safe. This is a matter of not only protecting one’s belongings but also one’s home.

It is clear that having a home security system installed will definitely make a home safer. The following are just some of the basic features that should be included in the most basic packages:

  • Strategically placed security cameras connected to the homeowner via smart devices
  • Flood lights or sensor lights that are out of reach so that a burglar cannot simply remove the lightbulb
  • Magnetic fences around the home that will sense when a door is broken into or a window is compromised
  • Motion sensor and motion sensor mats around the home

The sensors will allow the security system to feel if something is amiss within the home and signal for help.

Of course, these are just some features; a good home security system may offer others. The following are just some of the most known home security installers in Hialeah:

  • Home Security Camera Installers are a part of CCTV America and are quite experienced.
  • Technology Solutions use Sway Power Consulting; this company has experienced team members who are ready to install security solutions quickly and effectively.
  • Centex Security – Security System Supplier has been installing systems for years and know what homeowners need.

These are just a few options. There are definitely others like several ADT authorized dealers that a homeowner can contact as well.

Homeowners can also attempt to do other little things to make their home more undesirable to criminals like the following:

  • Purchase a guard dog to deter a possible criminal.
  • Reduce the presence of bushes and other areas that can be used to hide.
  • Install tall fences that burglars have to jump over, which will look like a red flag to all neighbors.
  • Consider joining a neighborhood watch program to keep neighbors in the loop; the neighbors should know your schedule and when you are vacationing.
  • It might be a good idea for a homeowner to consider a house sitter when he or she leaves on a vacation.

Hopefully, the budget in the city improves, and the number of police either stays the same or increases. Still, at least a savvy homeowner can use these tips and make his or her home a little safer.