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Home-Sharing Homeowners Should Rethink Their Security Systems

The sharing economy is booming and with it came many home-sharing opportunities. Thousands of hosts open up their homes to visitors from time to time. Everyone wins in this situation. The homeowner gets a little cash while the visitor saves a few bucks. Still, there is something that no one wants to talk about and that is security. Every homeowner needs to consider his or her safety and property before opening the doors. No one is saying that something bad will happen, but it is always wise to take precautions.

Important Gadgets to Consider

Installing a home security system is perhaps the first and smartest move a homeowner getting into the sharing-economy should consider. Reading home alarm system reviews will help a home dweller filter through the options out there.

Still, it is not enough to simply install a home security system. Homeowners opening their doors to strangers should consider other gadgets. Keep in mind that all these gadgets must work together and preferably be wireless to ensure the best results. This is one reason why many people opt against ADT, even though it is one of the most popular companies. ADT offers wireless services and mobile connectivity, but this comes at one of the highest prices on the market, compared to other companies like FrontPoint. Many home alarm system reviews say that ADT puts customers on hold too long or charge unfair rates when a technician visits a home.

The following are a few reasons why home-sharing homeowners need a home security system that works with wireless technology.

Keyless Passage

Home dwellers may have a tentative time and date when a guest will arrive, but sometimes there is no telling when a visitor will arrive. This means the homeowner has to make sure that someone is at home to open the door when the visitor arrives. Some homeowners cannot be home at all times, and it will be hard to rush back home to let the visitor in.

Some people opt to do dangerous things like leave a key under a rug, but many home invaders know this trick. The best thing to do is to hook up a keyless entry device to the front or/and back door. The device is simply mounted over the deadbolt and can be opened at the touch of a button, once the app is installed on the homeowner’s phone. Of course, it is compatible with wireless technology like FrontPoint’s increasingly popular home security system.

Try an Intelligent Doorbell

Making sure that the visitor who scheduled the visit is the one knocking at the door can be hard to figure out, especially if the homeowner is away. It might be wise to invest in a smart doorbell system. These systems can be automated and connected to the home’s wireless security system. The doorbell can do a lot for the homeowner to make sure that the visitor expected is the one ringing the bell. For one, the homeowner will get a live HD feed of the guest through the doorbell.

The gadget that can be purchased along with a home security system comes with a two-way intercom that can be accessed over the application, which is installed on a smartphone. This means that the homeowner can verify any information that he or she may want to verify before letting the visitor into the home. Keep in mind that this conversation can be held while the homeowner is at work or simply away from his or her house.

Catch Them With Videos

Most people will admit that there are some bad apples out there. It would be great if all visitors enlisted through a home-sharing application were respectful people, but that might not always be the case.

One way to make sure that a visitor is respectful of off-limit areas is to simply purchase wi-fi and wireless motion sensor cameras. Sure, most home security system companies offer motion sensor cameras, but some do not offer this. Another thing that homeowner’s need to consider is that most home security system companies may provide a limited amount of cameras. A homeowner may have specific areas that he or she wants under surveillance, especially if there are going to be strangers in the house.

When a home dweller places these small cameras around designated areas, they will alert a homeowner through the phone when those areas are trespassed. Of course, these additional cameras can be connected to similar wireless systems like those offered by FrontPoint.

Keep the Noise Down

Some homeowners are worried about loud visitors. It is possible that some visitors using the home-sharing application might not have etiquette. This is why purchasing a wireless noise or sound sensor might be a good idea.

Keep in mind that a good home sound sensor will not record noises or conversations, which is usually against most home-sharing site’s policies. The sound sensor is not too sensitive, meaning that it will not alert the homeowner of an issue every second of the day, but a loud house party or something similar will definitely sound the alarm. This is another wireless gadget that can be integrated with home security systems like FrontPoint.

These are just a few devices that might be helpful to those who want to reformulate their home with home-sharing in mind. It will give the homeowner peace of mind and make a visitor’s stay a little more efficient. Of course, there are other gadgets that can be integrating into the home security system like fire alarms or CO2 detectors, but it is good to have something to look forward to.