ADT Flagstaff, Arizona

Four Ways Flagstaff Seniors Can Protect their Homes
Arizona is a popular state for retirees because the desert climate that virtually eliminates the allergies they experience in other states. While it might be hot, it’s easier to breathe the air in Arizona than it is in states like Kentucky or New York. For the most part, living in Flagstaff is the best decision these seniors make in their entire lives. However, because there are so many wealthy seniors living in the city, property crimes are a problem. People in Flagstaff are more likely to have their homes broken into or their cars stolen than in a lot of other cities in the United States. Instead of giving up the benefits and moving, seniors who living in Arizona can take steps to reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim. Socialize People today are less likely to know their neighbors than ever before. Younger people seem to be too busy to get to know the people who live next door to them. Not only does this limit the options for a person hoping to make friends, it also makes it more difficult to know if a car that has been circling the block is just lost or is a potential burglar. Having friends in the neighborhood can combat loneliness, which is a common problem among seniors today. By meeting and socializing with the people who live around you, you won’t have to go far to have a friendly conversation. If something happens in your neighborhood, you’ll be one of the first to know about it if you are in the loop. Get an Alarm System Although seniors tend to be at home more than any other population, this might be a time in your life that you decide to spend a lot of time away. You might want to travel the world or just explore what’s going on in your own city. Regardless of whether you are down the street or relaxing on the beach in another country, you should feel comfortable knowing your belongings will be right where you left them when you return. This is the security an alarm system can offer. With a monitored system in place, the police will be notified immediately if someone tries to break into your home. Chances are, if you took the time to get to know your neighbors before you left for vacation, they will be watching out for trouble at your home as well. Use Common Sense Some of the things you did when you were younger just aren’t safe anymore. For example, leaving your doors unlocked is no longer a way to let friends and family know they are always welcome. Today, an unlocked door is an invitation to thieves. Another thing you may not have thought twice about in the past is leaving a note on your door when you step away. Instead of leaving a note, send a text message to anyone who might be planning to stop by your home to let them know when you’ll be back. A note on a door is a clear sign to a burglar that no one is home. It might even tell them exactly when the homeowner will be back home so they’ll know how long they have to load up the valuables inside the house. Be Wary of Strangers Unfortunately, criminals prey on seniors. It’s not uncommon for a criminal to knock on a senior’s door with an unsolicited offer to make repairs. In many cases, these repairs aren’t even necessary. If they are, the crook charges multiple times what it would cost to do the job and in some cases, doesn’t even do the work. Before hiring anyone who drops by or calls your phone, check out their credentials. Never allow a salesperson you didn’t request a visit from to enter your home. These people count of seniors being trusting and assume because you are older, that you will be easy to steal from. You have to be vigilant and prove them wrong. Most of the time, if a potential victim starts asking questions or says starts to make a call to verify the salesperson’s identity, the criminal will move on to an easier victim. Be sure to tell your neighbors if you get any of these visits so they can look out for themselves as well. Seniors shouldn’t be concerned about the high property crime rate when it comes to making Flagstaff their home. This city has a lot to offer in addition to the low potential for allergy-related health problems. There are plenty of outdoor activities for active seniors and Flagstaff is close to plenty of other major cities, making it only a short trip to get to places like Phoenix, Las Vegas, Los Angeles or San Diego. When your home is secure, you can go virtually anywhere without worrying about something happening while you are away. If you don’t travel a lot but you have neighbors who do, be sure to watch out for them while they are gone. Concerned neighbors are the number one way to prevent crime. Whether you are part of an organized neighborhood watch group or just a proactive citizen who doesn’t want to see their neighbors lose the things they’ve worked hard their entire lives to obtain, you can play a major role in reducing crime in the city. With less crime, Flagstaff will be an even more enjoyable place to live for seniors as well as younger people and their children.