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Why Do Homeowners Need Home Security Systems Installed In Their Home
In Daly City, California, homeowners assess the crime statistics to define whether or not they live in a dangerous area. According to statistics, the city has achieved a crime index of 44. This indicates that it is 44% safer than other large cities in the country. This rating also makes the city safer than Norwalk, El Monte, and Visalia. However, this rating doesn’t indicate that homeowners don’t need a home security system. The following are details about why homeowners need these systems in their properties. What are the Crime Rates for This City? The current statistics reflect the occurrences reported in 2015. These rates indicate that 196 violent crimes occurred in this city. Among the 1,906 crimes reported last year, 1,710 involved property. These statistics indicate 1.85 people among 1,000 residents are likely to become the victim of a violent crime. These statistics indicate that 16.12 individuals among every 1,000 could become involved in a home invasion or carjacking. These statistics indicate that 1 out of every 541 residents is likely to become a victim of a violent crime. The total report for the year shows that two people were murdered and seventeen victims were raped. They show that seventy-nine victims were robbed and ninety-eight victims were physically assaulted. The full report also shows that 304 burglaries occurred, 1,130 theft of property offense occurred, and 276 automobile thefts happened. This indicates that 1 in every 62 residents is likely to fall victim of a home invasion or become a victim inside their vehicle. How Can Home Security Systems Lower These Risks? Home invasions are reduced when the installation team creates the right security scheme for the property. The system must cover all access points leading into the home. This includes the garage. If the garage is connected to the property, the homeowner needs coverage at the door leading into the home. They also need surveillance just to the exterior of the garage. These installations give them a better option for monitoring their property. They can also review their property through their remote connection. This prevents them from suffering the effects of the crime as they enter the property. Do Guns Make the Home Safer? The current statistics for this city indicate that eight of ten murders involve the use of firearms. These studies show that homeowners who own guns are at a greater risk of becoming injured. In fact, the statistics show that this risk rests firmly at forty percent. This risk indicates that they are more likely to shoot themselves or a family member than an intruder. According to these statistics, homeowners are safer if they install a home security system than if they purchased a gun. Are There News Stories about Violent Protests in the City? No, there aren’t any recent reports of violent protests in Daly. However, politically-driven protests in neighboring areas have led violent acts. These protests have included criminal elements who took advantage of peaceful protests. These individuals were arrested due to altercations with protesters. Others took advantage of property damage that occurred as a result of disputes among individuals with opposing viewpoints. These individuals began looting local stores and businesses. When these actions occur, property owners and their families are at risk. It is criminal elements that incite violence meant to distract away from the real issue. When this happens, they are more likely to use the opportunity to invade nearby properties for financial gains. For this reason, homeowners in these areas must arm their properties with the right home security system. How are Criminals Finding Ways Around Home Security Systems? When choosing a home security system, homeowners must select a system that is harder to manipulate. Statistics have shown that wired security systems are easier to manipulate. These statistics indicate that home invaders cut the wires to shut down the systems. They can also disconnect cameras easier since the homeowner doesn’t have the full range of view with these cameras. This causes unwanted blind spots. Next, the sensors connected to these systems could also enable them to go undetected under some circumstances. Finally, homeowners who use remotes for these wired systems could also give unwanted access to their property. Clever criminals can capture these codes and program them into their own remote for these installations. ‘ Why are Wireless Home Security Systems Superior? First, a wireless security system connects to the home’s wireless network. These networks are far more secure. They present remote access for the homeowner through their mobile devices. These devices aren’t compromised easily. They present the homeowner with the option to monitor their property at any time. This helps them to determine if there are any risks around their home when they aren’t home. They can also adjust other connections such as the heating or cooling system. They can also connect to live streaming video from any camera in their property. They can adjust them in any way, and if they want to move the cameras to a new location they can. They don’t need their installer to return to their property to move it for them. They can also use intercom features with these installations. In Daly City, California, while residents are safer than some nearby towns, they still need a home security system. These systems lower their risks of becoming involved with a violent crime or home invasion. These systems provide them with everything they need to stay safe. Homeowners who want to install these systems contact a local distributor today.