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Home Security: Irvine, CA Experiencing a Surge in Gang Activity

Irvine is one of the most prosperous cities in Orange county. It is known for cultural events, shopping, and higher education institutions. Irvine was listed as one of the top 15 places to live in the United States. Regrettably, with all the good that Irvine offers its city dwellers, it does not offer homeowners immunity to incidents like a home invasion or burglary. The main issue that Irvine homeowners have to worry about is gang members.

How Crime is Affecting Homeowners in Irvine

Crime is definitely lower in Irvine when compared to other similarly sized cities, but one statistic shows that homeowners need to take some precautions, like installing a good home security system. Statistics show that 14 out of 1,000 residents will get burglarized.

Some of the home invasion crimes could be committed by gang members. In fact, several home invasion crimes were tied to two Los Angeles gang members not too long ago. The duo robbed more than just goods; the perpetrators also robbed the decency of those they victimized.

The problem might only get worse, according to some criminologists who fear that gang activity, burglaries, and robberies might be on the rise. This is affecting Orange County in its entirety, not just Irvine. Experts have seen a slight increase in gang-related crime, even though Irvine is quite safe compared to other cities. Some criminologists are blaming Proposition 47 that passed in 2014. The proposition made it possible to reduce the sentences imposed on drug addicts and thieves. Either way, the problem is definitely something homeowners should worry about.

What Can Homeowners do About These Dangers?

There is a lot that a homeowner can do to make sure that his or her home is protected from gang-related burglaries or other home invasions. Talking to a home security system expert from ADT Irvine, California is definitely a good idea, not to mention talking to a local police officer for helpful suggestions. Still, there are a few more things that could be helpful, like recognizing possible gang activity around the neighborhood.

The following are just a few tips a homeowner can use to find if there is a gang problem that he or she should worry about:

Talk to Those in the Know

Yes, of course talking to a cop could help a homeowner discover if gangs are something that he or she needs to worry about, but it is better to talk to juvenile officers or probation officers. What should be understood is that most gang members usually get caught doing more than one crime, which will likely end with them having a probation officer.

It should also be noted that many gang members are relatively young. This means that it is likely that a juvenile officer will be aware of any or some possible gang activity in a neighborhood.

Reading Graffiti

Graffiti is not always easy to interpret. There are many styles that make it impossible to read sometimes, but gangs usually link themselves to three-letter abbreviations. The three letters are rarely explained, but rest assured that the possibility of this being a gang sign is high. Gang signs that are prominent and in high visible areas of the neighborhood usually means that the gang likely hangs in the area or may even live in the area.

Gang signs that are hidden in conspicuous areas, such as back alleys, the back of businesses, or the back of street signs usually means that a gang member visited the area but is not necessarily there often. Both should sound an alarm because one can never predict what the gang member might attempt to do in the neighborhood.

Of course, homeowners should do their best to protect their homes should they discover possible gang activity. The best thing to do is look at some of the home security companies nearby, like ADT Irvine, California, which is one of the top security companies nationwide. It is best to contact a local business as they are usually aware of the type of crime that occurs in certain neighborhoods and might be able to personalize the home security system to a homeowner’s needs.

Homeowners in Irvine have a few options available to them. Choosing the right security business is important as the company will be focused on your needs.

Security Camera Crew is one company that serves Orange County and Irvine. The company specializes in home security cameras, but it offers other services as well.

American Home Alarms is a privately own and locally run home security business that specializes in installing ADT home security devices in a home. The business has experienced installers, which should help ensure that the system runs perfectly.

Alarm Center, Inc. has a team of expert installers who focus on alarms and security cameras. The experts at this company are good at finding strategic locations for cameras to ensure high visibility should an invader get into the homeowner’s home.


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