ADT Garden Grove, California

Garden Grove, CA Police Department Helping Homeowners Secure Their Homes

Garden Grove sits in the northern part of Orange County, Calif. It is a beloved city and home to one of the most interesting annual festivals around the United States called the Strawberry Festival. The festival celebrates the agricultural past of the city. It is where one can find the largest strawberry shortcake, which is cut and given away to attendees. Yes, Garden Grove is definitely the kind of city that most homeowners dream about, but there is a force lurking in the background.

A Peek Into the Dark Side of the City

The last thing homeowners in any city want to hear is that crime is rising, but that is happening in Orange County, and it is affecting homeowners in Garden Grove.

The police department in the city is completely open and very transparent. The force offers updates and plans that are being put in place to help improve the city and protect residents from crimes. The crimes that worry police the most deal with property crimes. The police department has invested money in raising awareness regarding the issue. The following are just some of the measures that the department has taken:

Television Advertisements

Sure, many people would assume that advertisements are for selling a product or service, but Garden Grove began to use television to urge residents to take precautions due to the rise in crime.

Some of the ads discuss the importance of securing the garage door or making sure that car doors are properly locked. In fact, some police have suggested anti-theft devices like the pedal jack, but that is just one option. Other advertisements have focused on the security of people’s homes.

The ads urge the people of Garden Grove to take steps toward securing their homes like installing a good home security system. Most cops know that the likelihood of becoming a victim of a home invasion are reduced by simply telling criminals that the house is monitored.

Open Doors

The Garden Grove police department wants people to know that they can communicate with them. In fact, the police are now telling people to call them whenever it is necessary. Sure, any emergency must be reported directly to the 911 dispatcher, but there are other issues that the police would like the people of Garden Grove to call them about.

For example, the police have the (714) 741-5704 number, which they want people to use to report anything suspicious around the neighborhood. It is important that people know what to look for when reporting suspicious characters. The following are just a few things that all residents should pay attention to when describing a particular person:

  • The sex of the suspect
  • The height of the character
  • Look for the color, length, and hairstyle
  • The person’s weight
  • Take notice of the person’s eye color
  • Check for distinguishable marks
  • Look for a mustache
  • Try to gauge the race and complexion of the person
  • Attempt to describe what the suspect is wearing
  • Get as many details as possible should the suspect be in a vehicle

It is particularly important to be vigilant around the neighborhood because many criminals who are attempting to rob individuals try to watch their victims before striking. This is done to find out the best time to strike.

Who is to Blame?

There are many theories regarding the recent crime spree around the city of Garden Grove. For one, there is a real threat from gangs in the city. It might be a good idea to learn signs that indicate there is a gang in the neighborhood. Some signs include graffiti or individuals that are dressed in gang attire.

Other experts worry that the reason for this rise in property crime and home robberies deals with recent laws passed in the state. The laws do not allow the police to keep low-level offenders and drug-addicts in jail. These criminals usually do not have the money to satisfy their needs, which is usually why they decide to strike a home.

The purpose is not to hurt anyone but rather grab valuables or money to satisfy their needs. The problem is homeowners might be at home, and the situation could become dangerous for everyone involved, which is the reason why the police are doing their best to help homeowners find ways to deter these criminals.

There are a few tips that might help keep criminals away from a household. For one, make sure that there are signs on your property that let a potential burglar know that a home security system is installed. This means placing signs in the lawn and windows. It also means making flood lights and security cameras relatively visible. Show criminals how difficult it will be to break into your home.

You should consider purchasing a few guard dogs to help keep the house safe, and
fortify the house in any way possible. This could mean installing a heavy wood door or installing double-pane windows. Do not forget to secure weak areas like the basement window or the garage door.

Another good idea is to start or join a neighborhood watch. These community-based groups can help keep everyone on alert should there be a suspicious character in the neighborhood. One criminal or gang poses a threat to everyone, and it is important to recognize that danger.

The police department in Garden Grove is actively attempting to help fortify these types of programs. Homeowners who want to participate can contact the department of crime prevention at for more information regarding active neighborhood watch programs in the city.

Of course, all of these suggestions are simply made to decrease the chances of anyone in the city becoming a victim, but it does not guarantee safety. The key is to be vigilant and ready to act at all times. Be sure to keep a look out for suspicious activity, and be sure to learn the value of keeping everyone in the neighborhood safe as well.