ADT Napa, California

Statistical City Data Defining Why Home Security Is Necessary
With a population of 80,011, Napa, California presents itself as a safer city as compared to most major cities in the state. The city received a crime index assignment of 36. This indicates that it is 36% safer than comparable cities in the country. This index which presents safer conditions than cities such as Vacaville isn’t excluded from statistics that show real risks. The following is statistical city data defining why home security is necessary for the city of Napa. What Current Criminal Statistics Say About the City? According to statistics, there were 346 violent crimes committed in the city. These statistics show that 4.32 out of every 1,000 residents were a victim of a violent crime. Next, there were 1,350 property-related crimes committed. These rates show that 16.87 out of every 1,000 residents were a victim of property-related crimes. As a whole, there were 1,696 crimes committed in the city. This indicates that 21.20 out of every 1,000 residents were the victim of a property-related crime. In comparison, the violent crimes that were committed in the city included two murders and 34 rapes. There were 39 robberies and 271 physical assaults that occurred in the city. These rates indicate that 1 in every 231 residents was the victim of a violent crime. Next, among the property-related crimes, there were 292 home invasions and 910 property thefts. There were additional 148 automobile thefts including carjackings. As a whole, there were 93 crimes that occurred per square mile in the city. Were There Any Violent Protests or Violent Crimes in the Local News? Napa, while it seems like a calm and friendly city has experienced gang-related violence over the years. The crimes associated with gangs include a stabbing that led to attempted murder charges, fatal shootings, and other homicides. The Sureno gang was linked to a variety of crimes in the area. They also included drive-by shootings that lead to further injuries and excessive property damage. These occurrences reflect a vital need for home security. Local homeowners need to assess further details about these events to determine the close proximity of these crimes to their neighborhoods. These details will show that homeowners need home security systems to reduce associated risks. What is the Current State of the Local Housing Market? The housing market in Napa defines a stable market. According to reports, the average home price is $585,000. This equates to $397 per square foot. The average rental price for homes in the area is $2,600. The reports show a 4% increase in property values. They also provide potential increases for the upcoming year. These projections indicate an increase of 1.4%. While the housing market is stable, this doesn’t guarantee increases. It also doesn’t guarantee that all residents are happy with these changes. With a high crime rate, there remains a probability of home invasions and other crimes. For this reason, homeowners must follow every precaution to protect their investment. This includes installing adequate security systems to protect their home. Are Sex Offenders Living in Napa? Yes, there are currently 50 sex offenders living in Napa. The ratio in comparison of offenders to residents is 1,328 to 1. According to reports, these sexual predators are in a higher concentration around the northeastern portion of the city. Homeowners who live in these areas should increase security for their home and their family. They should evaluate possible home security systems that cover their property more proactively to mitigate these risks. Are There Prisons in or Near the City? The Napa County Jail is located in Napa. The local juvenile facility is also centrally located within the same area. These facilities house individuals who are awaiting trial for a multitude of criminal infractions. They may include anything from DUI to murder. While county jails are guarded by correctional officers, this doesn’t guarantee that an escape won’t occur. For this reason, adequate home security is vital for all homeowners within a twenty-mile radius of these facilities. If an escape occurs, inmates are more likely to seek refuge in local homes to avoid capture. What Type of Security is Most Effective? Security systems consist of several features. They include video surveillance, monitors, and a centrally located control center. The installation team evaluates the best angles for camera placement. These placements eliminate possible blind spots and ensure full coverage of exterior and interior spaces. They evaluate how well the cameras capture footage and record it effectively. The most effective systems transfer all recorded footage to an online server. This prevents intruders from tampering with evidence of a home invasion or other crime. Monitors that are used for the system should provide a clear picture. The display shouldn’t be grainy or hard to review. The homeowner must have access to the display in more than one room. For example, they should have connections to televisions throughout the property to check the footage at any time. Select models provide a portable monitor for review of the surveillance. They should also provide remote access for the homeowner. Remote access allows the homeowner to connect to the system through login credentials. These security measures enable them to review their home without issues. It also prevents outsiders from manipulating the system. In Napa, California, homeowners assess risks based on the current crime rate and reports for their area. These risks include violent and property-related crimes. They also include the presence of a county jail and sexual predators. Homeowners who want to install a new security system contact a provider now.