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Located in Nassau County and home to several colleges that are ranked quite high on the annual US News and World Report listings of top schools in America, Hempstead, New York nonetheless suffers from a higher than average crime rate. These crimes include both burglary and murder, among others. Taken In 2013, several students who were attending Hofstra were caught up in a terrible scenario that should never happen to anyone. Four girls, including twin sisters, who were living in off-campus housing, were taken hostage by a prison parolee who broke in. After the police learned of the situation, a stand-off ensued. After hours of back and forth between cops and the convict, a shoot-out began and a student by the name of Andrea Rebello was accidentally shot and killed. While the family plans to sure the city for wrongful death and other accusations, this will never bring their beloved daughter back. This incident may never have happened if the girls had only thought to have a security system in place that acted as a deterrent to break-ins and also signaled an alarm that alerted police in the off-chance that a break-in did occur. In The Streets, We Call It Murder Video surveillance cameras located on the outside of residences in Hempstead did aid, however, in the capture of two men accused of murder in two separate crimes. The first killing took place at almost 5 am, the morning of July 4, 2015. Victor Benitez was shot in the torso and left to die in the street. Nearby residential security cameras produced grainy footage of the crime and the killer was eventually caught all the way down in Texas after police released the footage to the general public. At just after 3 am on January 1, 2014, Andre Graydon was shot in the street. Again, nearby cameras were able to be accessed for their valuable footage and the killer was eventually tracked down in a nearby housing complex. Both of these crimes may have gone unsolved if not for nearby residents having home security systems in place that included surveillance equipment. This stresses the fact that security systems are beneficial not only for the residents who have them installed in and around the home but they are aso beneficial to the entire neighborhood. Police Details Hempstead is not a particularly large town so it lacks the resources for law enforcement that one may find in more metropolitan areas. The website that is maintained by the city is simple but provides all of the material information that one would need if looking for something relevant. This includes information on reporting crimes anonymously, their bicycle and child car seat safety programs and hurricane safety awareness information. The police headquarters is located at: 200 North Franklin Street
Hempstead, NY 11550
(516) 538-1900 and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Unfortunately, there are no neighborhood watch programs to speak of. This is especially distressing because each of the crimes listed above could very well have been prevented if citizen patrols had been in place with a large public presence. Knowing you are being watched is a great incentive to not do anything wrong in the first place. Security Companies On the flip side of the coin, there are several home security installation companies available to choose from. By simply browsing on the internet, one can find listings for: Delta Security 1 Fulton Ave, Hempstead (516) 280-5324 World Wide Security 1 Commercial Ave, Garden City (516) 294-6434 Total Security Integrated Systems 206 Hempstead Tpke, West Hempstead (516) 775-2304 All Island Security 100 E Old Country Rd, Mineola (516) 747-0233 The Gang’s All Here
Even though the village of Hempstead does not boast the largest police force ever seen in the nation, this has not stopped them from launching a highly lauded and so far quite successful anti-gang initiative. Spokesmen for the department stated in November of 2016 stated that they sought to combine intelligence on data that already exists with data that will be collected by this new-found program. The task force will be uniformed and highly visible, seeking to increase the amount of illegal weapons and narcotics that are confiscated and will have access to advanced intelligence gathering methods. This is a program that both the traditional police force and the mayor are taking very seriously as they state that the safety of its citizens is its number one concern.  Still A Good City After everything is said and done, the city of Hempstead still has a lot offer to current residents and prospective ones. Its educational opportunities alone are great for any yong person who is looking to excel in life. Not only do they have Hofstra University and Adelphi University but the world-renowned Harvard University is located nearby. There can be no greater draw to a city for a young family than the fact that their children will have access to higher education institutions that are close to home. The town is also conveniently located near New York City, Long Island, and Boston. This provides a veritable cultural melting pot that offers everything a young up-and-comer could want. As long as the need for a properly-installed security system is in place, even if the dwelling is just a small off-campus apartment, there would be no reason not to enjoy everything that this hidden gem of the East Coast has to offer.