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This City Located Between Philadelphia And Harrisburg PA Is Known for Its Outlet Shopping and Pretzels

Reading, Pennsylvania has many things to offer visitors and citizens. It also has a large proportion of its citizens living in poverty. This is a city with a population of 87,879 people who have a very wide range of incomes and living situations. Reading is the 5th largest city in Pennsylvania located in southeastern Pennsylvania along major transportation routes. Many tourists visit the city because of its large outlet shopping locations and its many pretzel bakeries. Recently, Reading has become a destination for cyclists who want to enjoy the 125 miles of trails going through five major preserves.

How Safe Is Reading To Live In?

Because of the great disparity between the high number people living in poverty and those who are in higher income brackets, there is a concern about crime. A citizen’s chance of being the victim of a property crime in Reading is 1 in 34 where the average for the rest of Pennsylvania is 1 in 52. The chances of becoming the victim of a violent crime are 1 in 110 versus the state average of 1 in 318. The total crimes per 1,000 people are 38.39. People who want to know what crimes have happened in their neighborhoods can input their city and address into Internet searches can give families a list of the safest neighborhoods to live in. The top 8 safe neighborhoods include:

1. Colony Park
2. The Fritztown-Mohns Hill area
3. The neighborhoods of Cromwall Terrace and Shiloh Hills
4. Whitfield and Pennsylvania State U Penn communities
5. The Lincoln Park and West Wyomissing area
6. The Stony Creek Mills and Pennside neighborhood
7. The Grill and Flying Hills community
8. Reiffton and Jacksonwald area

There are other safe neighborhoods listed along with popular neighborhoods wich don’t always make it to the safe neighborhood list. Some are:
– City center area
– Lorane neighborhood
– East Reading area
– Glenside
– Northmont community
– The Hyde Park area
– Oakbrook and Oakbrook Terrace
– The Pennwyn Area

Families who choose to live in popular neighborhoods that are not on the safest neighborhood list may need to take more steps to stay safe and secure in their homes. Checking on crime statistics near the family home will help them decide what level of security is best.

The Best Security Measures

If a family or single homeowner feels unsafe and would like the top level of security, they may consider hiring the services of a local security company. These companies offer a number of plan choices with varying levels of protection. The top programs have keypads by entries that use fingerprint or voice recognition rather than security codes to arm or unarm a security system. These systems can send help for intruder incidents. The systems have silent and loud alarms that are monitored off-site 24 hours of every day and also include panic buttons for the homeowner. If the family is home and someone is trying to break-in, help will come in a very short time. The police are notified by the security company after they verify the emergency. Video or in-person verification is very important to avoid costly false alarms to the police.

Security systems can be wired into the home electrical system or wireless and connected to cellular networks. Each system has good and bad points to consider. An ADT Reading, Pennsylvania alarm system connected to the home’s electrical system can be disabled by cutting off the power to the home. The wireless systems avoid that downfall but can fall victim to a thief who is able to hack into the system via computer. A desperate or determined intruder may break into the home in spite of any alarm system. That is when a fast response from the security company can be a lifesaver.

Good security systems include most or all of these components:
– A base station and a keypad, voice, or fingerprint activated security box by the home entryways. The electrical equipment should have battery backup in case the electricity goes off.
– Motion detectors in and around the house
– A silent or loud alarm or a combination. The noise to scare intruders away, the silent one to notify the security company or nearest the police station.
– Panic buttons for the homeowner and members of the family to activate for emergencies.
– Door and window sensors at every outside entry point along with glass break sensors
– Security cameras that record both audio and video in case of an intrusion. These should also be available for the outside to catch intruders or thieves before they enter the home. ADT Reading, Pennsylvania is one such company that can make all of this possible.

There are additional features that can be added. They include smoke and fire alarms, carbon dioxide monitors, health emergency panic buttons, alarms that include verbal, in-person, or video verification, and other features that vary with each security company and plan. The more features a security system offers, the higher the monthly fee will be.

More Budget Friendly Security Measures

Some homeowners can not or choose not to spend the money for a fully off-site monitored security system. There are additional security options for them. The first step is to have good sturdy dead bolt locks on all doors and locking latches on all windows. The family dog can provide a certain measure of security with its barking. Some homeowners have found that placing a full dog’s water dish in the front or back yard near entrances will imply there is a dog and deter some thieves. There are criminals who don’t care about a dog and will neutralize the dog and rob the house anyway. There are fake security cameras that are inexpensive and will scare some intruders away. There are real security cameras and alarms that can be purchased for around $50.00 and up that the owner installs and monitors. There are more expensive security systems that the owner can purchase and install themselves, then self-monitor on a smartphone or computer or hire a security firm to monitor off-site. For additional information, visit the website.


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