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How To Choose A Home

No matter where one lives today, there is going to be a need to buy some form of an alarm system. But which is the best alarm system? This really depends on the current living situation, how secure one feels the dwelling needs to be, along with a host of other variables.

Firstly, the security system chosen greatly depends on if you are a homeowner or renter. If currently renting, the best option is probably to choose a system that is wireless. These type of systems can generally be set up by oneself and can be easily from location to location. This way, no matter if it is a house or apartment that is being rented, the alarm system goes where you go. There are many companies that design alarm systems specifically for renters. If the house is owned, the best system for the money is one that operates via a land-line with a cellular backup connection. While they may be expensive upfront, they provide the most reliability in almost any circumstance. However, if they do not fit into the budget, the homeowner can essentially install any alarm system that they want.

If moving frequently is common to your lifestyle, then choosing a system that is able to be owned outright is definitely in the best interest of the purchaser. Also, companies that demand long-term contracts be signed may not be the best option if routine relocation is part of the job or lifestyle of the purchaser. While some companies allow people to take the equipment with them while still renting it, especially if the company does business nationwide, it is generally required that the customer has been a long-term customer. One thing to keep in mind is that the company may not have facilities or operations in locations that are being moved to. Therefore, it is much easier and far more convenient to just purchase the best alarm system that the budget allows and just pay the company to install it and monitor it.

Some people may want complete and total control over the home while they are gone, while others do not place a high priority on such an option. For those that do, buying an alarm system that has mobile access is an obvious necessity. Generally, with mobile-access alarm systems, the ability to control door entry, receive notifications in real-time, adjust lighting and temperature, and look at the history of events for the entire system comes standard. There are also systems that offer the ability to receive custom notifications if such things as liquor cabinets, master bedroom doors, or garage doors have been opened.

For those that do not need, or may not desire such aspects of modern technology, a simple and standard alarm system will most assuredly suffice. There is not an alarm system that is made that does not instantly alert both the security company and local law enforcement that a break-in is being attempted or is in progress. While the homeowner or renter may not be instantly alerted to the situation, at the very least the proper authorities who can investigate and hopefully end the situation will be.

One option that is becoming increasingly popular is the use of security cameras and video monitoring in conjunction with the installed alarm system. This is a great option if the home that is lived in is owned but it probably is not a feasible option if the dwelling, either home or apartment, is being rented. Most landlords are quite reluctant to allow the installation of major hardware on the outside of their property. While it cannot hurt to ask the landlord if it is an option, do not be surprised if the request is turned down. For the homeowner, however, security cameras deliver not only the ability to catch a thief in the act which makes great evidence for police to use, they offer other uses too. Family members such as children can be monitored when in other rooms and they also give the ability to see who is at the front door without ever leaving the couch.

The last thing one needs to consider is if the alarm system is going to be installed in a DIY manner or installed professionally. It is only really recommended to install the system DIY if it is wireless as these are much simpler for the average layperson to do by themselves. Any system that is hardwired should certainly be installed by a professional security company. This is because there are many wiring techniques and system settings that need to be coordinated. If the homeowner is unaware of a certain setting, it could render the entire system useless or ill-equipped to perform properly when it is most needed.

Another argument in favor of professional installation, even when it comes to wireless systems, is that most home or renter’s insurance polices will not cover claims if it is found that the system was not professionally installed. So, in addition to placing the lives and safety of the residents at risk, there is also the risk of losing all of your belongings in the event of burglary or fire. While it may seem to be cheaper to install the system by yourself, it certainly comes with the risk of a much larger price tag if something goes awry.

All in all, the alarm system that is best for each household just depends on factors such as budget, lifestyle and the desire (or non-desire) to interact with advanced technology. The only thing that is certain is that an alarm system is definitely needed no matter where you call home.