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A Brief Review Of Criminal Statistics And Why Home Security Is Paramount
The population of Greeley, Colorado consists of 90,390 residents. According to statistics, these residents are at an elevated risk of becoming involved in a crime. The city was assigned a crime index rating of 13. This indicates that the city is 13% safer than similar cities in the country; however, it doesn’t deem this a safer California city. The following is a brief review of criminal statistics and why home security is paramount. What Current Criminal Statistics Say About Greeley According to current criminal statistics, there were 488 violent crimes committed in Greeley. These statistics indicate that 4.95 out of every 1,000 residents. Next, there were 3,403 property-related crimes committed in the city. These statistics indicate that 34.52 out of every 1,000 residents were the victim of a property-related crime. Overall, there were 3,891 crimes committed in Greeley. These statistics imply that 39.42 out of every 1,000 residents were a victim of a crime in the city. In contrast, among the violent crimes committed, there was one murder, 76 rapes, 61 robberies, and 350 physical assaults. These statistics show that 1 out of every 202 residents was the victim of a violent crime. Next, among the property-related crimes, there were 501 home invasions, 2,702 property thefts, and 200 automobile thefts including carjackings. These statistics show that 1 out of every 20 residents was the victim of a property-related crime. As a whole, these statistics show that 83 crimes were committed per square mile in the city. Were There Any Violent Protests or Violent Crimes in the Local News? There was a protest that had the potential of becoming violent. A protest against the Donald Trump election began at the University of Northern Colorado. The group expanded to more than 75 protesters during the Trump rally. The same group had protested in October, but they are were barricaded behind a fence. During this protest, they created a parameter around the event and continued chanting, “Love trumps hate.” With these unpredictable politically-driven protests on both sides of the spectrum, homeowners should follow steps to protect their home. Emerging trends indicate that protests of today have the tendency to escalate quickly and lead to rioting, looting, and property damage. These events could become violent quickly and lead to serious injuries. Homeowners in these local areas should contact their preferred service provider to review their options. What is the Current State of the Local Housing Market? The current state of the local housing market is stable. The average home price is $223,000. This value is based on the unit price of $126 per square foot. The trends show that the values have increased by 11.2% in the last year. They also indicate a trend showing a potential increase of 5.5% in the upcoming year. The average rental cost of local properties is $1,300. While the current stability indicates no immediate risks, a sudden change in the market could present the risk of crimes. Homeowners living in the local area must install security systems to eliminate risks. These systems help them protect their investment more fully. Are There Sex Offenders Living in Greeley? Yes, there are 93 sex offenders living in Greeley. In comparison between residents and offenders, the ratio is 1,025 to 1. The highest concentration of sex offenders living in the city of Greeley is located at the northernmost portion of the city. Among the offenses in which these offenders were convicted include sexual exploitation of a minor child, indecency with a child, and lascivious acts involving a child under the age of 14. The presence of these offenders in the city indicates a clear need for home security. These systems help parents monitor and control access to their children. They enable the property owner to monitor their home determine if intruders or threats are found around their property at any time. They also assist parents in alerting the police if a threat is found while they are away from home. These systems help property owners reduce the potential for repeat offenses and keep their children out of harm’s way. Are There Prisons in or Near Greeley? Currently, there are the Weld County Jail, Weld County Correctional Facility, and the Platte Valley Youth Facility in Greeley. These facilities present a real risk to local homeowners as they house criminals convicted of dangerous crimes. Homeowners need to consider the probable risks presented by these facilities in their local area. This could include the potential for escapes that could lead to home invasions and violent crimes. What Security Opportunities are Right for Residential Properties? Homeowners review their security needs with a local security provider. They can explore wired or wireless security systems. These opportunities provide adequate security for residential properties. Each option provides a variety of features that increase the ability to monitor and protect the property. They include strategically placed cameras, control panels, a control system, and sensors. These features are connected through the control panel and provide immediate access via remote settings. The homeowner has the option to connect a security system to their smart home features as well. These features could include controls to lock the doors and engage the lighting system. These features are in place to deter home invasion. In Greeley, Colorado, homeowners face a wide volume of potential risks. These risks include violent crimes and home invasions. The city possesses a low crime index rating that implies a greater risk when compared to other cities in the state. Homeowners who want to acquire a home security system contact their local provider now.