ADT Encinitas, California

Why Local Homeowners Need A Security System
The population of Encinitas is estimated to be 62,930. For these locals, there is an elevated risk that they could become involved in a crime. According to the crime index rating, the city is only 41% safer than other cities and towns in California. Due to these increased risks, local homeowners must consider the need for installing a home security system. The following are details that show why these locals need to acquire these systems for their property. What Current Criminal Statistics Say About Encinitas? According to the most recent criminal statistics, there were 128 violent crimes committed in the city of Encinitas. These statistics show that 2 out of every 1,000 residents was the victim of a violent crime in the past year. Next, there were 1,010 property-related crimes committed. These statistics show that sixteen out of every 1,000 residents were involved in a property-related crime. Overall, there were 1,138 crimes committed in the city of Encinitas in the last year. In contrast, there were 13 rapes, 27 robberies, and 88 physical assaults committed in the city. These statistics show that one of every 492 residents was the victim of a violent crime. There were 188 home invasions, 732 property thefts, and 90 automobile thefts. These statistics indicate that one out of every 62 residents was the victim of a property-related crime. Overall, these statistics show that 58 crimes were committed per square mile in the city of Encinitas last year. Were There Any Violent Protests or Violent Crimes in the Local News? There were several reports of violent protests related to police shootings in the local regions. These protests become violent to the degree that local police were forced to use pepper balls along with flashbang grenades to stop the violent actions. Numerous protesters were arrested for altercations and property damage. Protesters were smashing the windows of nearby automobiles and properties. These risks promote serious issues that warrant the need for home security. In addition to these protests, there were also anti-Trump protests that turned violent. During the campaign, there were also violent protests against Trump that led to serious injuries and property damage. Since these protests are becoming an ongoing trend, local homeowners must take immediate action to lower their risks associated with these events. As more protests occur, these local homeowners are at an accelerated risk of becoming a victim of a home invasion or vandalism. As more protests occur, these local homeowners are at an accelerated risk of becoming a victim of a home invasion or vandalism. For this reason, they need a home security system that provides them with features that allow them to monitor their property more proactively. These features could include a high-tech surveillance system and remote links that allow them to watch over the property even when they are away from home. What is the Current State of the Local Housing Market? The current state of the local housing market is cold. Sales aren’t at an all-time high. Currently, the average home price is $885,900. This price is based on the unit price of $331 per square foot. According to the most recent reports, the housing prices increased by 5.7% in the last year. The projections show that the housing market will increase by 2% in the upcoming year. These reports also show that the current average for rent in the city is $3,200. With an unstable market, homeowners who want to sell could see their property remain on the market for a longer than average amount of time. This could present major issues that could lead to additional home invasions and a reduction in property values. The increase in criminal activity threatens the homeowner’s investments. This could present them with any even more unstable market and make it harder to sell their property if the owner chooses to relocate. Are There Sex Offenders Living in Encinitas? According to reports, there are currently two sex offenders living in Encinitas. The current ratio between offenders and residents is 43,376 to 1. The infractions for which these two offenders were convicted include a rape while the victim was drugged or intoxicated and lascivious acts with a child that is under the age of 14. These offenders increase the risks of crimes committed in the local area. They also warrant the need for a higher level of security for homeowners. Families need improve home security systems that help them evaluate risks around their property. This includes surveillance systems in which the cameras are positioned where blind spots are eliminated completely. They also need a security company that monitors the system installed in the home. The security provider, as well as the owner, will receive alerts that indicate when the alarm has been triggered. The system triggers the alarm when any entry point as been compromised. This includes sensors that are installed on windows. Are There Prisons in or Near Encinitas? The Vista Detention Facility and the Richard J. Donovon Correctional Facility are located in or nearby the city. These facilities present a real threat to local residents if an inmate escapes. These escapes often lead to home invasions and a heightened risk for the property owners. In Encinitas, California, local residents are at a higher risk due to the high volume of crimes committed. These risks present homeowners with a real need for a home security system. These systems help them lower the probability of a break-in and personal injuries. Homeowners who want to acquire a home security system contact a local provider today.