ADT Pasco, Washington

Protect Your Family And Home With A Reliable Security System
It today’s world, it’s very hard not to see or hear about a crime every time the TV is on or someone’s scrolling through the internet. The fact is, criminals don’t know boundaries. They could be in one town one night and travel to another place within hours to commit more crimes. Theft and home robberies occur more frequently with homes that don’t have adequate security. A deadbolt or a chain lock might work to a point, but a security system will immediately notify the police in the event someone has entered a home unlawfully. In Pasco Washington, their crime rate per square mile is sixteen points higher than the national average. That’s a scary thought considering it includes crime statistics from all over the country. Homeowners tend to leave their garage door partially opened to allow air to flow. This is probably the worst thing an owner can do. They could forget to close the door before they go to bed. A burglar can easily slither under the door like a snake and hide in the garage under a car, in a car, or sneak into the home when no one is watching. A security system can alert a homeowner when a door is still open. It won’t allow them to set the alarm system until the perimeter of the home is secure. Someone has a one in 47 chance of being a victim of a crime in Pasco. It also only has a crime index of 28 with 100 being the safest. These statistics should be startling to a homeowner in the community. Recent Crimes in the Area On New Year’s a man was attacked and had his wallet stolen in a trailer park. He had to be treated in the hospital for his wounds.In nearby Kennewick, an elderly woman was duct-taped during a home invasion by a man and two teenagers who stole items from inside of the home.In Richland, a man attempted to strangle his friend’s grandmother.A man was recently ordered to serve ten years for a gang shooting he committed at the Stonegate apartments. Crimes occur without warning, and criminals will always target a home that doesn’t have a security system. A sign in the yard showing there’s a security system is a deterrent for many. The police try to get to the scene of a crime as quickly as possible, but they may be on another call. There are several police departments in the city such as: Pasco Police Department, 525 N. 3rd Ave., Pasco, WA 509-545-3421Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, 1016 N. 22nd Ave., Pasco WA 509-545-3557Pasco Police Department, 828 N. 22nd Ave., Pasco WA 509-545-3415City of Pasco Police Department, 2505 W. Lewis St., Pasco WA 509-547-3581 Benefits of a Security System Security systems are an added layer of protection and peace of mind that everyone should have. Waiting until a criminal has committed a crime to decide to purchase a security system can leave a homeowner and the family unable to sleep at night worrying that the burglar will be back. There won’t be this worry with a security system. A siren can be installed in the home to notify sleeping occupants the alarm has been tripped.Some systems have a keypad that announces when a door or window is opened and which one it is. It gives the occupants a chance to know where a problem may be.The security system will automatically contact the security monitoring company to call the police for assistance while an owner focuses on their safety.Lights can be turned on or off and doors secured from a remote location with a phone or computer.It can lower insurance rates.Security cameras inside or outside of a home can be monitored by the security company or by the owner through a DVR. Cameras as part of a security system allow an owner to see if something looks out of place and what’s going on when they’re not home.It can protect the occupant’s safety with the installation of hot buttons for fire and police.Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors can be connected to the system for early detection in the event there’s a fire.The HVAC system can be monitored for more efficient management. Security Companies in Pasco Advanced Protection Services, Inc. PO Box 2665, Pasco, WA, 509-545-0752Moon Security, 515 W. Clark St., Pasco, WA 509-545-1881Sonitrol, Pasco, WA 509-547-3627Intelligent Video Systems, 108 Wellsian Way, Richland, WA 509-430-2429 Home security isn’t something that many people like to talk about because it makes the feel uneasy. Some people won’t contact a security company because they’re concerned it’s not in their budget. A basic security system can be purchased to start the process of securing the entire home. A reputable company will help a homeowner determine exactly what they need and supply the owner with a free estimate of the cost of installation and monitoring. There are no high-pressure sales tactics to worry about. If your neighbor has a security system and you don’t, which home do you think a criminal is going to target? In today’s day and age, a security system in a home is as standard as a roof on the home to keep it dry. Protecting the people that you love and the things that you’ve worked hard to acquire are worth having a security system for. Don’t want until after a crime occurs to make this decision.