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Home Security Considerations in Medford, MA
Medford, Massachusetts, located just over three miles from downtown Boston, is a small city with a big history. The area was settled back in 1630, but it didn’t become classified as a city until 1892. During that time it was a hub for industry and manufacturing, although today its economy is driven by white-collar workers. Thanks in part to its central location and its illustrious history, housing costs in the area are remarkably high in comparison to other cities of its size across the nation. Because it is home to Tufts University, a quite highly acclaimed school, the population of Medford is primarily composed of young and upwardly-mobile educated youths. Many people move to the city each year to attend school, then find good jobs in nearby Boston and the surrounding areas. Almost 50% of adults have at least a bachelor’s degree, and the median income is relatively high. The up side of this demographic is that the city offers plenty of options in terms of recreation and enjoyment. The down side is a longer than normal average commute, as most residents choose to use public transit to get to and from work. Crime Statistics Levels of both violent and property crime in Medford are quite low, and residents face only a one in 59 chance of becoming a victim. Crime rates across the state of Massachusetts are below average compared to the rest of the nation, and Medford is safer than 27% of other communities throughout the state. For its size, the city experiences a quite low volume of both violent and property crimes. However, it is important to note that crime rates are not consistent across the entire city. Those living in the neighborhoods surrounding the expansive Middlesex Fells Reservation see significantly less crime than residents living closer to Medford’s southern borders. Unsurprisingly, rates of property crime are roughly correlated with housing costs. Houses that come with a lower price tag also come with higher crime rates. This can be partially attributed to wealthier residents’ investment in better security systems. Local Home Security Companies There are many home security and alarm companies servicing the Medford area. Several have local offices, which can be helpful to residents who would prefer to discuss their options in person with a trained technician. Below is contact information for several local companies. Array Company specializes in video surveillance equipment. Their residential cameras can both help to deter potential burglars, and provide valuable evidence in the event of a break-in. The company’s address is 17 Locust Street, and they can be reached at (781) 396-1300. Artery Lock provides comprehensive home security systems including video surveillance, electronic access controls, and security integration. Their office is located at 332 Salem Street, and their phone number is (781) 395-5243. Boston Burglar Alarm Corporation is a private security company offering home and commercial burglar alarms and experienced security staff. Their office is located at 240 Salem Street, and they can be reached at (781) 321-0886. Executive Electrical & Security Services Inc offers burglar alarm, surveillance camera, and security system installation, repairs, and monitoring. They also install gates and additional driveway security. Their office is located at 231 Spring Street, and their phone number is (781) 393-0028. Many national carriers provide service in the area as well, including ADT, Vivint, SafeStreets, USA, and others. Choosing Home Security Systems Today’s home security market offers options that can fit just about any set of requirements and budget. Consider things like location, existing architectural design, and neighborhood relations in addition to household budget when choosing how extensive of a security system should be installed. Homes that are further away from neighbors and the road are more likely to be targeted. Those that have structures or landscaping elements blocking the view of doors and windows are also more susceptible to break-ins. Most burglars do not simply walk in through the front door. They canvas the property looking for vulnerable points of entrance. That means that those with low-visibility entrance points should be more concerned about break-ins than those whose side or back doors are located within full view of roads or neighbors. Other architectural features that may make a home more prone to break-ins include bay windows that provide easy visibility of living areas, fire escapes that offer easy access, and attached garages, which are frequently used as entrance points. Homes located in gated communities are already in a much better position than those that are not part of a subdivision, as they are typically provided with a certain level of increased security. Similarly, those who have good relations with their neighbors can better count on them to pay more attention to what is going on and alert the authorities to suspicious characters. Although no official Neighborhood Watch programs are registered within the city limits, some neighborhoods simply provide more support for residents than others. It’s also important to take note of who else has alarms and surveillance equipment installed. If every house on the block has an alarm except one, the unprotected house will obviously be an easier target. A Final Word Finally, don’t forget that while the up-front cost and associated hassle of installing a new security system may seem high, it pales in comparison to having to deal with the consequences of a break-in. Home burglary rates are going up, and homes are not targeted based exclusively on the median income of the neighborhood they are in. Anyone can become a victim of home invasion and burglary.