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Keep Corona Safe: Gang Activity Threatens the Stability of Homes

The city of Corona sits in the middle of Riverside, California. It is known to some as Crown Colony due to its natural beauty and the people in the city. It is no surprise that people are flocking to the city in unseen numbers, but homeowners should consider how this might affect them.

A Growing Population

People are heading to Corona in big numbers, but the police department has shrunk over the last few years. Now, it seems the police department can maintain law to a reasonable degree. The police department was able to reduce certain types of crime more than expected, even though the population was growing.

The police department did its job and is now rolling out a plan to make things better for the residents of the city. For one, it has appointed groups of police men and women to focus on specific areas of the city. These groups of badged officers are going to focus on the needs of the residents and homeowners of the areas they are assigned to. The program will be introduced soon, and residents can simply call or contact the police department to find out who they should talk to about the issues that are affecting their particular neighborhood.

The police department has finally upgraded its systems and integrated several smart-like technologies to help them log in crimes, look up license plates, and respond to possible threats. The police department has also made it a point to assign one special unit of the police department to schools to help prevent at-risk youths from entering a life of crime or gangs.

Another important aspect that is improving is the police department’s ability to communicate. The cops want to make sure that residents and homeowners can easily communicate with someone in the department regarding suspicious characters in their neighborhoods, among other things. Reporting suspicious people is one way to prevent things like home invasions or gang activity.

Of course, these are just some of the improvements that the police department is introducing; there are more improvements under way.

The Gang Issue

There are a number of things that the police department has not been able to control, and it boils down to gangs. The two types of crimes that have gone up in Corona are property theft and violent crimes. A homeowner can definitely do something to fight property theft, like installing a good home security system, but violent crimes are a different story. Most of these violent crimes deal with gangs. In fact, the Corona police department was able to target a number of these individuals in a gang-related raid that occurred in the city not too long ago. The two major gangs that were targeted was the Mexican Mafia and the Corona Varrio Locos.

The police department was able to capture a few dozen of these individuals and confiscated many guns from them. The police were even able to confiscate about $1.6 million worth of drugs from the gangs. Some officials blame prison realignment for this sudden increase in violent crime and gang activity, but it seems like the Corona police department is not ready to give up on its city without a fight.

What can Residents do to Help?

Residents and homeowners might think there is not much they can do about gangs, but there are a few things that residents can do to help make sure their neighborhoods stay gang-free as much as possible. Keep in mind that crime cannot be completely eliminated but rather significantly controlled.

The following are just a few ideas that can help steer residents, homeowners, and entire Corona communities in the right direction:

Do not Underestimate the Power of Home Security

There have been numerous times when a homeowner’s surveillance system has been able to capture gang activity and other types of mischief in their communities. A homeowner should make sure that he or she has motion sensor cameras and motion sensor lights. These cameras and lights must be pointed toward the house, and they should also be pointed toward the perimeter of the property. The perimeter could include the alley in the back of the house or a neighbor’s property.

Look for the Signs

Gangs love to identify themselves as gangsters, and they do so in different ways. One of the most recognizable ways to show who they are is with graffiti. Of course, graffiti does not always mean that there is a gang nearby as some individuals consider this a form of street art, but graffiti still remains a relatively strong indicator of a problem.

The difference between street art and graffiti is sometimes in the theme. Look for numbers like 14 or 13, which are usually associated with gangs. It might be important to look for three words or three letters. Gangs usually name themselves with three words, which they abbreviate or write out entirely. Some gangs like to use the name of the city, neighborhood, or street where they operate as part of their gang name. Try to see if the graffiti contains the name of the city, neighborhood, or a street in the community.

Check the Kids

It might be a harsh reality to accept, but many gang members are young and could be a homeowner’s child. It is important to recognize the signs of possible gang involvement. Of course, seeing graffiti in or on notebooks is a warning sign, but there are others like a change in hair style or clothing style. Many gang members like to stick to a particular color scheme that includes colors like black, gray, beige, and white. A child might also display unexplained bruises or may have unexplained money from time to time. Parents who suspect a problem should talk to the police department and school officials to see if his or her suspicions are correct.

Of course, these are just a few tips that might help keep the city of Corona under the control of the police department and good-hearted residents, who just want to come home and be safe.