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Should You Invest in a Security System for Your Miramar, Florida Home?
Although Miramar itself only has a little over 120,000 residents, it’s a part of the Miami metropolitan area housing over 6 million residents. Incorporated in 1955, this city has quickly grown from the original 56 homes and is now a fantastic place for many people to call home. Although it’s a smaller city, recent studies have shown a person living in the city has a one in 48 chance of being the victim of a property crime. These crimes include vehicle theft, arson, larceny, and burglary. This means a homeowner is going to want to carefully consider purchasing a security system for their home. The Chances of a Property Crime Property crimes may include more than just burglary, but the other crimes can occur at a person’s home as well. With a one in 48 chance of being a victim of one of these crimes, a person will want to go ahead and take the initiative to install a security system for their home. This will help them lower the chance of being a victim of one of these crimes and will help them feel more secure when they’re at home. There are many different options for a home security system, so a homeowner will want to consider what they need and what their budget is to find the right one to help protect them from being a victim of a property crime or other crimes. What Neighborhoods are the Safest? The city can be broken down into 10 general neighborhoods. The central most neighborhoods, including SW 20th St – SW 19th St, SW 150th Ave – SW 51st St, and Bass Creek Rd – SW 124th Ave are seen as the safest neighborhoods in the city. Further west, the safety rating is still high. However, further east, the safety rating of the neighborhoods drops. The far eastern part of the city, Route 441 – Miramar Pkwy has the lowest safety rating, which means this is likely the area where a security system is needed the most. Neighborhood Watch Programs in the Area There are a few neighborhoods that participate in some form of a neighborhood watch. This means those living in the neighborhood keep their eye on the homes around them and alert the police to any suspicious behaviors. A person can speak with their neighbors to find out if there is a neighborhood watch in their area. If there isn’t, the Miramar Police Departments offers tips and help setting up a neighborhood watch in any neighborhood. A person can set up one in their own neighborhood to help lower the crime rate near them and help protect all of the homes in the neighborhood. Are There Gangs in the Area? The presence of gangs can significantly increase the crime in the area. A gang known as Neighborhood Piru operated out of Miramar and, in 2008, 14 people who are described as leaders of this gang were arrested. This gang is closely associated with another gang, the Bloods, which is originally from Los Angeles and known for wearing red clothes. In Broward county, they were known for drug trafficking and robberies. In the 18 months prior to this arrest, they were connected with shootings, murder plots, and kidnappings. Police Presence and the Impact on Crime The police headquarters is located on City Hall Promenade, in central Miramar. The West District station is located on SW 186th Ave. Both of these are in neighborhoods that have the lowest crime rates for the city. The closer a person is located to one of the police stations, the faster the general response time is and the lower the crime rate near them. The areas further away from the police station, especially in the eastern part of the city, are known for having higher crime rates. While a person might not need a security system if they live right next to the police station, they’re going to want one if they live further out. What Alarm Companies are Available in the Area? Monitored alarm systems are typically what is purchased by homeowners as it allows for police to be automatically contacted if there is anything happening at the home. A homeowner is going to want to have their security system monitored to ensure their home is always being watched over for them. The two most well-known alarm companies in the city are ADT and Safeguard. Both of these companies, as well as a few others, offer monitored security systems designed to protect the entire home. A homeowner can choose the type of monitoring they want for their home, from motion detection to cameras or broken glass detectors, to fully customize their alarm system. The police response time in this city is low, so having a security system installed by one of the top companies and ensuring it’s monitored at all times can help protect a homeowner from a wide range of crimes. If you live in Miramar, it’s overall going to be a good idea for you to consider purchasing a security system for your home. Although crime rates aren’t incredibly high, they are significant enough to warrant taking the proper precautions to protect your home and your family, especially if you’re in the eastern part of the city. You’ll want to ensure your home is more difficult for a burglar to enter or for other crimes to be committed so you don’t have to be the one in 48 that is a victim of a property crime.