ADT North Port, Florida

Know What You Can Do to Secure Your Home Against Property Crimes
Homeowners in North Port often love the swimming, fishing, and other water sports they can take advantage of being so close to the Gulf of Mexico. Founded in 1959, this is a relatively new city and has grown from the 178 residents on the 1960 census to around 57,000 residents as of the 2010 census. With such a large amount of growth in just a few decades, many residents might wonder if the amount of crime has gone up as well. Understanding the Crime Index for the City North Port has a crime index of 49, meaning it’s safer than 49% of the cities in the United States. In fact, the chance of a resident being the victim of a crime is half of the chance for Floridians as a whole. Residents of Florida have a one in 36 chance of being the victim of a property crime but those living in North Port have one a one in 72 chance of being the victim of a property crime. In one year, there are typically 164 burglaries, 666 thefts, and 30 motor vehicle thefts reported in the city.  Where is Crime Worse? Crime is often worse in some areas of a city compared to others. In North Port, the center of the city has higher crime rates compared to other parts of the city. The easternmost part of the city, further from the coast, has the lowest crime rates. Residents in the center of the city might want to do more to protect their home from property crimes, but this should be something every resident will want to look into. Promoting the Safety of the Community Many residents are going to want to do more to reduce the amount of crime in the city altogether as this will help lower their chance of being a victim of a crime. To help make the entire community safer for the residents, it’s a good idea for homeowners to participate in neighborhood watch programs and always keep an eye out for any suspicious activities or any potential crimes. By working together with their neighbors and keeping an eye on the homes around them, they can greatly reduce the chance of a crime occurring and help catch the criminal if one does occur. Little Things to Protect the Home Along with helping make the community safer, there are a lot of things homeowners can do to protect their home. Some of these are going to be simple tasks and others are going to mean a little more work but will do a lot to improve the security of their home. Clean the Yard and Work on Landscaping – Homes that are well cared-for are often less attractive for criminals as it’s likely they’re more secure as well. Additionally, well-trimmed landscaping can help reduce the number of places a criminal can hide in when they’re trying to break into the home. If the bushes are taller than the bottom of the window, the thief has the chance to hide while they try to get the window open. If this area is easy to see above the bushes, they won’t have anywhere to hide and will likely move onto a home that’s easier to get into.Make Sure Everything is Properly Locked – Doors to the home, shed and garage should all be kept locked when the homeowner isn’t home or is sleeping. Windows should be locked as well. Many criminals take advantage of crimes of opportunity and, if it’s too hard to get into the home because the home is locked up, they’ll often go on to another home that’s easier to enter.Make Sure Everything is Brough Inside – Though the kids often forget about their bikes when they’re running in for a snack, leaving them outside at night could mean they have a chance of being stolen. Homeowners should ensure bikes and any other belongings are brought inside or secured in the garage or shed at night and when they’re not home to protect them. As with above, thieves look for opportunities to get something easily. It’s far easier for them to steal a bike left on the porch than one locked securely in the garage. Is a Security System Really Necessary? With relatively low crime levels, it might not be necessary for the homeowner to purchase a full security system. However, many homeowners will want to purchase at least a basic one to further protect their home. This can help them worry less about their home when they leave for the day or when they go on vacation as the police department can be notified quickly if anyone enters their home. There are security monitoring companies in the area that can offer basic packages to homeowners or the homeowner can choose to build their own security system and monitor it on their own. Finding a Company for a Monitored Security System Homeowners who would prefer to have a professional install, maintain, and monitor a security system for them have quite a few options. Some of the companies offering monitored security systems in the area include Security Alarm Corporation, Mars Smart Home Technology, and Patriot Alarm Services. They will want to look into what is offered by each company as well as the costs to install the system and to monitor it each month before they make a decision. North Port residents often love their proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and all of the water-related activities they can take advantage of. They won’t want to let a theft or burglary stand in the way of enjoying the often gorgeous weather and all of the fun they can have. To do this, they’ll want to use the information here to learn how they can protect their home and avoid being the victim of a property crime.