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Gauging The Need For Home Security Through Criminal Statistics
According to recent city data, the city of Novato, California has a population of 55,530. The current criminal data shows a crime index rating of 34 for the city. This rating indicates serious issues for residents such as violent crimes as well as home invasions. These risk factors show that homeowners need security to reduce these risks and keep their property and family safer. The following are details gauging the need for home security through criminal statistics. What Current Criminal Statistics Say About Novato According to current criminal statistics, there were 103 violent crimes committed in the city of Novato. These statistics indicate that one out of every 1,000 residents became a victim of a violent crime. Next, there were 1,061 property-related crimes committed. These statistics show that 19 out of every 1,000 residents became the victim of a property-related crime in the city. Overall, there were 1,164 crimes committed altogether. These statistics show that at least 20 out of every 1,000 residents became a victim of some form of crime in the city of Novato in the last year. In contrast, among the violent crimes, there were two murders, nine rapes, 27 robberies, and 65 physical assaults. These statistics show that one out of every 539 residents became the victim of a violent crime last year. Next, among the property-related crimes, there were 221 home invasions, 685 property thefts, and 155 automobile thefts. These statistics show that one out of every 52 residents became the victim of a property-related crime. Overall, there were 90 crimes committed per square mile in the city of Novato last year. Were There Any Violent Protests or Violent Crimes in the Local News? Multiple protests emerged due to police shootings and the resulting verdict of these cases. These protests while they became peaceful became violent at an accelerated rate. They led to multiple arrests due to altercations between participants and officers. The reports show that bottles were thrown through windows and hundreds of dollars of property damage occurred. The verdict resulting from the Alfred Olango case were among the most prominent protest to emerge in the area. However, there were numerous protests due to the recent presidential election as well as protests associated with inequality and fairness-related issues. As the events continue, it is likely that property owners could suffer the consequences of sudden violent acts. They are at risk of sustaining property damage and possible personal injuries if these events become uncontrollable. For this reason, they need to increase their home security and protection. They need systems that notify them of possible risks. They also need to assess possible risks related to these events and their impact. The updated home security systems present notifications when someone approaches the property. This lowers the risk of sudden attacks and prevents a home invasion. What is the Current State of the Local Housing Market? The current state of the local housing market is warm and stable. The market shows signs of prosperity if the market continues to thrive. The current average home price is $736,200. This is based on the unit price of $410 per square foot. The most recent reports show that home values have increased by 1% in the last year. They also show the potential growth of at least another 1% in the upcoming year. The current average for rental properties is $3,200. While the market is stable, property owners must protect their property. These values could present them with a profit if they decide to sell their home. However, if crime increases in their neighborhood, it could generate a sudden decrease in property values. The best option homeowners have for stabilizing these values is to install a home security system. These systems protect the property and increase awareness of risks detected around the property. If a homeowner installs these systems, they acquire a discount from their homeowner’s insurance provider as well. This could increase protection and provide them with a major bonus for this choice. Lenders also view these installations as a better option of security their investment as well. Select lenders may eliminate additional insurance requirements after the installation is performed. Are There Any Sex Offenders Living in Novato? Yes, there are eleven sex offenders living in Novato. These sex offenders live primarily on the west side of the city. The infractions in which they were convicted include but are not limited to lascivious acts with a minor under the age of 13, sexual assault, drugged rape, and kidnapping with the intent to commit a sexually-based offense. These individuals pose a real risk to families with children. For this reason, homeowners must follow precautions to limit these risks and keep their children safe from harm. The most vital part of protecting their children is to install a home security system that allows them to keep a close eye on their family at all times. Are There Prisons in or Near Novato? Yes, there are two facilities near the city of Novato. These facilities are Marin County Jail and San Quentin State Prison. These facilities present a real risk to homeowners. The prison itself houses thousands of violent offenders that are facing life sentences. These risks could lead to home invasions and increase the risk of a fatality. In Novato, California, homeowners evaluate possible risks by learning more about criminal statistics. These statistics show a high probability of home invasions and violent crimes. Homeowners who want to lower their risks contact a local security provider today.