ADT Pompano Beach, Florida

Isn’t It High Time To Avoid High Crime?
Pompano Beach is a beautiful city nestled on the part of the Florida coast known as “The Gold Coast”. It is home to many golf courses and other attractions that bring in visitors of an upper crust. However, even this storied and sun-drenched city is not immune to ill effects that common crime can bring. In the days before the 2016 Thanksgiving holiday, when most people are excited about the upcoming gathering of family and mass consumption of food, a burglar struck a local condominium. A man identified as Warren Sweeney was apprehended and arrested after allegedly breaking into vehicles located in the parking lot and stealing items from them. He was also accused of stealing the vehicle of the on-site security guard. While the security guard did notice the man acting suspiciously and fleeing the scene of the crime, there may not have been any evidence against him if it were not for the security cameras that filmed committing the nefarious acts. Several years ago, a stick-up man robbed a Radio Shack by pointing a gun at the store clerk and having his two henchmen make off with a bunch of goods that had just been delivered to the back of the store. Luckily, this crime was also caught by surveillance cameras and the man was eventually apprehended, arrested, and jailed for his crimes. If you are seeing a common denominator in these stories, good, you are supposed to. Without the aid of high-quality and professionally-installed security cameras, these crimes may have gone unaccounted for. While it is true that the crimes still happened, after these two high profile acts were publicized as being caught on camera, crimes of similar natures dropped in the surrounding neighborhoods. While Pompano Beach is undeniably a beautiful city, it unfortunately suffers from one of the highest crime rates in the country among cities of all sizes. The rate of crime is 52 victims per 1000 residents. The vast majority of crimes are in the realm of property-based larceny and burglary. Very few of the crimes committed are considered violent crimes. City officials are hoping that these drastic crime rates will be lowered significantly due to the massive renovations that recently took place in the downtown area and along the beachfront. With new money comes the need for new forms of security so that property owners can protect their investments and so that neighborhood residents can still feel safe even with the influx of new visitors. Security cameras and other security systems will be at the forefront of this reduction in crime. As far as making a criminal think twice about committing burglary against a residence or attempting to steal a vehicle, nothing works as well as a visible security system. To supplement physical security systems, some neighborhoods have even formed neighborhood watch programs, such as the award-winning Cresthaven Neighborhood Watch that works hand in hand with the Pompano Beach Police Department. This particular program can be reached at: Cresthaven Neighborhood Watch
1501 NE 32 Place
Pompano Beach, Florida, 33064 Another great neighborhood watch program can be reached at: Highland Pines
875 NE 48th Street, Lot 113
Pompano Beach, Florida, 33064 The police department is known for actively working with residents and fostering a positive relationship among the community. Their contact info, including for non-emergencies is: 100 SW 3rd Street 
Pompano Beach, FL 33060 
(954) 786-4201 (District Information Desk Hours 7:00 am—11:00pm Monday-Sunday) 
(954) 764- HELP (4357) (County Dispatch Center – non-emergency) A security-minded resident of this oceanfront city should have no problem purchasing the very latest system on the market today due to the large footprint of security companies within the city limits. Chief among these is ADT, a national company that has multiple locations within the city. They can be found at: 925 SE 1st St, Pompano Beach, FL 33060 Phone: (561) 291-9564 257 S Dixie Hwy W, Pompano Beach · (954) 691-0728 1000 W McNab Rd # 30, Pompano Beach · (954) 633-2882 778 N Federal Hwy, Pompano Beach · (954) 372-3643 CSI Video & Security is also a major player in the city’s security business community. They can be reached at: 1751 W Copans Rd Ste 11-12, Pompano Beach · (954) 773-9910 It cannot be stressed enough that the strongest deterrent to crimes such as larceny and burglary is a modern security system that can alert both the homeowner and the police when a crime is being committed. Even when a criminal is foolish enough to not be scared away by a security system, it is the system that will result in their inevitable capture. This can be seen in the following news brief: In 2015, a group of bad guys actually had the temerity and recklessness to break into the Pompano Beach City Hall building. After rummaging around the building, they eventually made off with eight oversized computer monitors. However, they were not counting on being filmed by the building’s hardwired surveillance cameras. After the city police released the footage to the public, the group of crooks were quickly captured. It is only by the use of modern surveillance and security technology that they were captures by police and imprisoned so that they would not be free to commit crimes in surrounding neighborhoods and other areas.  As much of a veritable paradise as Pompano Beach may seem, especially with its relative lack of violent crime, residents throughout the city would still be wise to invest in the best home security systems that they can afford. Their families and their peace of mind are worth it.