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Best Security Cameras for Homeowners & Where to Put Them

There is no doubt that home security systems can help deter crime. Eighty-five percent of police officers believe that having an alarm system should keep most burglars at bay. Still, security can be increased with the right devices like home security cameras. Finding the best home security camera is the tricky part, not to mention knowing where these cameras should be placed.

Finding the Best Security Camera

The most important thing to remember is that there are two types of security cameras to choose from. The first option is a wired system. This could be a system that has an AC adapter. The other option is one that is mostly wireless. It should be noted that wired security cameras can be compromised, while wireless cameras usually need to be recharged. This means that a camera without wires could be compromised simply due to negligence.

Comparing two Popular Options

The Vimtag and the SK-DVR from Best Vision Systems are the most popular types of camera. The following should make it a little easier to choose between the two:

Vimtag (Fujikam) 361

One of the biggest advantages of the Vimtag camera is that it can be set up quite easily. The instructions are clear, and most people do not need professional help to ensure that the cameras are installed correctly. This is perhaps one of the main reasons homeowners like this particular system. Many companies charge $100 and up to install a security camera system.

Setting up the camera system is as easy as scanning the QR bar code with the homeowner’s primary smartphone. The footage from the camera can be stored on a hard drive that exists within the system, or the homeowner can choose to use the Foscam Cloud service. This service comes as a free trial, and the owner gets to choose if the system is worth paying for. It should be noted that the camera is weatherproof.

It also has the following features:

  • The image quality is great.
  • The customer service is known for diligence.
  • It works well with Androids and iPhones.
  • It comes with a one year warranty.
  • The system is wireless, but it does need electricity.
  • It has night vision capabilities up to 65 feet from the camera.
  • The cameras do have motion detectors.

The biggest concern that some homeowners have with this system is that it must be plugged up to function properly. This means that a burglar could compromise the system if he or she knows how to expose the system’s weakness.

Best Vision Systems SK-DVR

The system by Best Vision comes with 8-channel surveillance capabilities. The system package includes only four cameras, but the homeowner can always upgrade to have the full eight. The package sent to the homeowner comes with all the cords that are needed, the DVR, mouse, and the system’s remote.

The system’s hard drive is relatively large. It is meant to hold up to 500GB. The image from the cameras can be accessed online through the smartphone app or a regular web browser. The quality is great and could be compared to the Vimtag cameras. Users can also expect some of the following:

  • Using the system is very simple.
  • The system comes with one year warranty.
  • The cameras are all weather resistant.
  • Night vision works up to 65 feet.
  • It does come with motion detection sensors.

The best thing about this particular security camera system is that it is wireless, meaning it cannot be compromised as easily. This is perhaps one of the best choices for those who want the protection of a camera but also want to make sure that it is working at all times. It is important to note that the camera’s batteries need to be checked to make sure that they are always functioning as they should.

Where to Place Security Cameras

Finding the best home security camera is just part of the task. The next thing that a homeowner needs to consider is where to place the cameras in the house. Yes, security cameras do come with motion detectors and can change direction when it detects any type of movement, but that does not mean a homeowner should not choose strategic locations.

The key is to know common entry points that home burglars generally use, and be sure to place a camera in those areas. The following are some of the areas that homeowners should pay attention to:

Ground Floor Windows

Many intruders use the windows on the first floor because windows are usually easy to break into and are sometimes unlocked. It is a good idea to cut down any tall bushes around the windows to ensure visibility, or one can also choose bushes with thorns. Be sure to point a few cameras towards the windows.

Basement Windows

Most burglars know that homeowners tend to overlook the windows in their basements. Some homeowners go above and beyond by installing strong wooden doors or double-pane windows in their living room windows but forget the basement. It is a good idea to put a camera down in the basement or at least secure it.


The backdoor is another place that burglars might find unlocked. It is a preferred entry point because it is usually away from nosy neighbors. Homeowners definitely need to keep this door secure and should install a camera to keep an eye on it.

Front Doors

Front doors are used because they are unlocked at times and sometimes because the homeowner has not installed a heavy door made of metal or thick wood, which means it can be easily kicked in. Installing a camera outside of the door should definitely give the homeowner a chance to prepare for anything.

Garage Doors

Garage doors are sometimes overlooked as well, and it is important that homeowners surprise home invaders, and make sure that their garage door windows and doors are secured as strongly as the rest of the home. Installing a camera to deal with both the front door and the garage door should be fine.

Hopefully, these tips make a homeowner’s task of securing his or her home a little easier with the right set of security cameras from Best Vision Systems.