ADT Lakewood, Colorado

Reasons In Which Home Security Systems Are Invaluable To Homeowners
The city of Lakewood, Colorado has a current population of 149,643. According to crime-based statistics, this population of residents is at an excessively high risk. Currently, the city has a crime index of six. This indicates that the city is only six percent safer than other major cities in the country. The following are details about further crime statistics and why home security systems are invaluable for homeowners. What Crime Statistics are Available for this City? According to crime statistics, there were 712 violent crimes committed in this city. Among the 7,556 crimes that occurred in the city 6,844 were property-related. According to these statistics, 4.76 out of every 1,000 residents were the victim of a violent crime. 45.74 out of every 1,000 residents was the victim of a property-related crime. Among the crimes reported in the last year five murders occurred in this city. 116 rapes and 137 robberies happened. Additionally, 454 physical assaults occurred. These statistics indicate that 1 in every 210 residents became a victim of a violent crime. According to these statistics, there were 898 burglaries, 5,293 thefts, and 653 automobile thefts. The statistics show that 6 out of every 1,000 residents was involved in a home invasion. 35 out of every 1,000 residents were the victim of theft and 4 out of every 1,000 was the victim of a carjacking. The city statistics show that 1 in every 22 residents is a victim of a property crime. This also indicates that a crime was committed per every 172 square miles. Does Gun Ownership Increase Home Safety? According to statistics beginning in 2014, gun ownership doesn’t increase home security. It, in fact, increases the odds of personal injuries and possible fatalities. Statistics also show an increase in gun violent by teens and young adults who had access to guns in the home. Gun owners are encouraged to follow gun safety regulations and take training courses where appropriate. They should also use better security features to prevent unauthorized access to their guns. Studies also show that the home is safer when a security system is installed. It provides advance warning when intruders are detected around the property. The security system provides them with these alerts so that they have a better chance of contacting the authorities. If they have a gun in their home, the security systems prevent them from shooting a loved on they’ve mistaken for an intruder. What is the Current State of the Housing Market? Currently, the average home price is $349,100 in the city. This equates to $234 per square yard. The average rental payment required in the area is around $1,500. According to predictions, the local market is projected to increase 3.6% in the coming year. With these stable market rates, the city shouldn’t see an increase in crimes due to these values. However, the crime index shows otherwise. Since there is a higher than average rate of home invasions, all property owners should install home security systems to deter potential home invaders. News Stories Pertaining to Local Home Invasions 19-year-old Duprea Wilson was charged with a local home invasion. The circumstances twelve felonies infractions including robbery, manslaughter, physical assault, and kidnapping. According to reports one of his accomplices was found dead at the scene. The property was owned by a couple in their sixties. The reports indicated that the couple was home when the invasion occurred and the wife was taking a bath. The suspects were armed with deadly weapons including firearms. Reports show that the victims were cut at the time of the invasion. The husband sustained a head wound while the wife had large cuts on her hand. In nearby Long Beach, an entire family was at home at the time of another home invasion. According to reports, the suspects climbs the fence around the property and gained entry through a window. After an attempted hostage situation, the three suspects surrendered to law enforcement. Only two of the residents sustained injuries which were minor. They were treated at a local hospital. Assessing the Available Features for Home Security Systems Statistics indicate a decline in successful home invasions in properties where a home security system was installed. These systems present homeowners with a wide selection of features that provide them with adequate security. These features begin with surveillance cameras that are installed via wired or wireless connections. These connections provide differing benefits. For example, the wired cameras are connected permanently. They require wires for operational purposes. They cannot be moved by the homeowner after the installation. The wireless cameras, on the other hand, allow them to make adjustments however they choose. Next, the systems provide a centralized monitoring system. The owner acquires live streaming footage from these connections. They can connect via remote features to the centralized system. This enables them to monitor their home through smartphones and tablets. They can also acquire playback for the footage that was recorded earlier. All footage is stored on a server and accessible through appropriate credentials. Intercom systems are also used to communicate with others at the property when the owner is away. This deters home invaders from breaking into the property under the pretense that the owner is home. Additional smart home features are compatible with these intercom panels. In Lakewood, Colorado, homeowners are at a greater risk than similar cities. The local crime statistics identify a serious risk to homeowners that don’t follow necessary precautions. Homeowners who want to assess these systems contact a local provider now.