ADT Santee, California

Learn How to Determine if Your Home Should Have a Security System
Part of San Diego County, Santee is a smaller city in California and home to around 53,000 residents. The city was incorporated in 1989, making it a newer city, and includes 19,000 households with most having more than $45,000 in annual income. Though the city is relatively new, it does have some crime, which may leave residents wondering if purchasing a security system is going to be a good idea to help protect their home. Check the City Crime Rates The overall crime rates in a city can provide a resident with a lot of information on whether they have a high chance of being a victim of a crime. Santee has a crime index of 44, meaning it’s safer than 44% of the cities in the United States. In California in general, a person has about a one in 38 chance of being the victim of a property crime. In Santee, they’ll have a one in 65 chance. Per year, there is approximately 118 burglaries, 712 thefts, and 62 motor vehicle thefts reported. Check Neighborhood Crime Rates It’s important for a person to check where they live within the city and learn about the crime rates in their neighborhood to help determine if they need a security system. For Santee, the higher crime areas include the center of the city and the southwest portion of the city. The northern neighborhoods and southeastern neighborhoods typically have lower amounts of crime. A person can view a map online to find out exactly where their neighborhood is and what the crime rate near them might be. They can also check out websites that show exactly what types of crimes occur in which neighborhoods and when they occur so a person can get a better idea of what’s happening right by their home. Check for a Neighborhood Watch Program Neighborhood watch programs lower the necessity of a security system, but many times can work together to protect a person’s home. These programs enable the neighbors to all keep an eye on the entire neighborhood whenever they’re home and to report any suspicious behavior if it’s noticed as quickly as possible to the police. Often, neighborhoods with an active neighborhood watch program will have much less crime compared to one without. A person can check online to see if there is a neighborhood watch program for their area. There are quite a few in Santee, but if there isn’t one in their neighborhood, they can speak with the local police department to get more information on how to start one on their own. Check Proximity to Local Police Department Law enforcement for the city is provided by the San Diego County Sheriff and is located on Cuyamaca Street in Santee. Those who live closer to the station might not have as much of a need for a security system as these tend to be safer areas of a city. The response time is much faster if anything happens, so many people will opt to work together in a neighborhood watch program instead of investing in what could be a costly security system for the home. However, if the person does have a security system, a faster response time to an alarm is going to mean there is a higher chance the criminal will be caught. Check With Neighbors About Home Security A homeowner might want to speak with their neighbors to see how many of them own a security system for their home and what kind they have. If they’re the only ones in the neighborhood without a security system, they might have a higher chance of being a property crime victim. If none of the neighbors have a security system, they live in an area with lower crime rates compared to the rest of the city, and they are part of a neighborhood watch program, they might not need to purchase a full security system for their home. Check Out Options for a Monitored Security System A person who is interested in purchasing a security system will often opt for a monitored security system. These are installed by professionals and, while they do include a monthly service fee, they don’t have to worry about being able to monitor the home on their own. If the alarm is set off while they’re away, the dispatch center for the security company will be notified and can contact the police for assistance without the homeowner having to do anything. This helps create fast response times and makes it more likely a thief will be caught in the act. Homeowners who are interested in a monitored security system for their home have a lot of options. Some of the security companies that can install and monitor a security system for them include Time and Alarm Systems, AT&T Digital Life Home Security, and Nova Security. It’s a good idea for the person to check out all of the local companies to determine what is offered in their packages, how fast the response time is, the cost of the initial installation, and the cost of the monthly monitoring fee. These details will allow them to fully compare the companies to find the right one for their needs. Even those who live in the safer sections of Santee might want to consider a home security system for all of the benefits it offers. This way, they can be sure their home is protected from theft even when they’re at work or away on vacation. Use the information here to determine if you’re going to need a security system and, if so, start checking out some of your options now.