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What Homeowners Should Know When Choosing To Install Home Security Systems
In Fontana, California, the criminal statistics indicate that the city has a crime index of thirty-three. This index implies that the city is thirty-three percent safer than most larger cities in the country. These statistics imply that the city is safer than Burbank. However, they don’t eliminate the need for home protection. The following are details that explain why homeowners in this city need to install a security system today. What Crime Statistics are Available for This City? Within the last year, there were 740 violent crimes in the city. Of the 4,5888 crimes committed, 3,848 involved properties. This places residents at a higher risk of home invasions. According to these statistics, 18.78 in every 1,000 residents is likely to become the victim of a home invasion. 22.39 out of every 1,000 are at a risk of becoming involved in a multitude of crimes including murder and assault. The statistics show that at least two murders were reported in the city last year. 55 rapes and 176 robberies were reported. A total of 507 physical assaults occurred in the city as well. This places 1 in every 277 are at risk of becoming a victim. These increase in these rates show a clear reason for installing updated home security systems to protect the home and keep families safer. Should Homeowners Rely on Guns for Home Protection? In the region, a larger majority of gun-related crimes were reported. Fontana is within a short proximity to San Bernadino which was the site of a mass shooting last year. The number of gun-related crimes is on the rise. However, with gun manufacturers positioned in these nearby areas, this indicates that a larger population of property owners are more likely to own firearms. Yet the questions remains, “Are homes safer with a gun?” Statistics show that while firearms are viable for stopping some effects of a home invasion, they can’t stop all crimes. Homeowners with firearms are more likely to become injured or the victim of a gun-related crime if there is a firearm in the home. The primary reason is possession of the firearms. Homeowners cannot predict when a home invader will break into their property. If the criminal gains access and acquires possession of a firearm, the homeowner is at a greater risk. With a home security system, they can lower these risks. The system provides them with a better way of monitoring all areas of their property. They have monitors that are accessible in any room of their home. Select systems help them to make fast adjustments to the camera to follow individuals outside their home. By seeing the would-be burglar in enough time, the homeowner has time to react. This prevents possible injuries and further gun-related crimes. Recent New Stories that Define a Need for Home Security Starting around the end of summer and until just after Halloween, Fontana along with a multitude of cities in the country were under a threat of clowns. These clown sightings became terrifying for parents. The threat involved the probable abduction and murder of children. In this city, at least one individual was arrested and several schools were on lockdown. Property owners with wooded areas around their homes are at a greater risk of these crimes. With the right home security system, they can capture potential threats on their monitors before they approach their home. While the clown threat has seemed to disappear overnight, emerging criminal elements could increase potential risks to families with small children. These security systems offer state-of-the-art protection for these families. Elements of Security Systems that are Most Beneficial for Families Wireless cameras provide clear live streaming video of the property. It captures footage inside and outside the property. These cameras aren’t anchored permanently in their location. This enables the property owner to move them to eliminate potential blind spots. They won’t have to wait for a technician to visit their property. The intercom system connects throughout the property. They use it to talk to their family from any room of the property. It also enables them to speak to anyone who is at their door. The biggest benefit of these features is that they can give visitors the illusion that they are home. Statistics show that a higher percentage of home invaders attempt a break-in when the property owner isn’t home. If the owner gives the illusion that they are home, they could deter these criminal acts. Remote connections allow the owner to tap into these features. The control panel and remote connections allow the owner to notify the police and emergency services immediately. They can trigger these alerts through the control panel near the front door or the remotes provided with their security systems. If they have remote connections via their smartphone or tablet, they also have these features when they are away from home. The wireless connections and smart home systems are connected through these security options as well. They enable the owner to arm and disarm the system through the remote connections. Select systems enable establish when their doors are unlocked. The sensors placed throughout the property detect possible intruders and disturbances around the doors and windows. In Fontana, California, residents are at a greater risk of becoming involved in a violent crime. They are at an even higher rate of becoming involved in a home invasion. To lower their risks and heighten protection, they should install a home security system now. Homeowners who are ready to gain these advantages contact a local provider now.