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Bay-Area Burglaries and The Systems That Stop Them
Nestled in the world-famous Bay-area of Northern California, Redwood City is considered a great place to live by its residents, but as with any larger city, it does host its fair share of crime. While not among the highest of crime rates by California standards, it is considerably higher than the national average with a rate of 24 crimes committed per 1000 citizens. While the city may be most famous on the crime front for the headlines-grabbing Scott Peterson trial, most of the crimes that are reported are not nearly as sensational. In fact, they run the gamut from standard burglaries to acts of stupidity. Bungled Burglaries Take for instance this particular display of criminal strangeness that one may expect to see on a show like “World’s Dumbest Criminals”. On March 30 of this year, a homeowner reported to police that some packages that they were expecting were missing and, in fact, stolen. Instead of waiting an extra day to see if the packages showed up in the event of nondelivery, the homeowner in fact had indisputable truth due to the fact the thievery was captured on their high-definition video surveillance system. While it took a few days for police to locate the inept crook, find her they did and she was sentenced recently to well-deserved jail time. Crimes like this would be very easy to get away with if not for the fact that the homeowner had the foresight to install a modern and technologically-advanced home security system. In essence, a video system would truly be the only way to prove that a crime had actually been committed. It is for reasons such as these that home-security experts recommend that such systems be installed by a professional company with all due haste. Officers were also able to track down a ring of three Redwood City teenage burglars after a month-long investigation by utilizing surveillance equipment from one home and matching aspects of that particular burglary with other burglaries that had been committed in the same vicinity. This brings a glowing light upon the home-security system industry as the homeowner that kept and supplied the police with the surveillance footage was responsible for helping other homeowners that, unfortunately, did not have sufficient security systems in place. It was a true case of regular citizens helping to fight crime as search warrants executed by the police resulted in all stolen items being recovered and returned to their rightful owner. Right Side Of The Law Luckily for residents of the city, the Redwood City Police Department has an outstanding reputation for community outreach and for listening to the citizens they have been sworn to protect. In addition to standard programs such DARE and an anonymous crime reporting form found on their website, they offer a program entitled “Coffee With The Cops”, where concerned persons can address questions or problems that they see going on in their own neighborhood or elsewhere in the city. They also provide an online map that details which crimes have been by reported and breaks them down by neighborhood. It also searchable by address. This is a great tool for people who may be considering moving into the city or already live in the city and may be thinking of moving into a new neighborhood. The police headquarters maintains a centrally-located office at: 1301 Maple Street
Redwood City, CA 94063 and can be reached by calling 650-780-7100 They are also quite active on the social media scene and maintain a presence on Facebook at and a spanish-language version for their many Hispanic citizens at, They can also be found on Twitter via their handle of @RedwoodCityPD, on Nixle at, on Pinterest at, and on Vimeo at Security Contact Info Hopefully, more residents take the time and invest the money into more modern home-security systems. As can be seen from the two crimes mentioned here previously, they certainly work to earn their keep. It also helps that the police department seems to be very sophisticated and has a great working relationship and a true vested interest in the safety of the community at large. There is no shortage of security-system companies in the area to choose from, with a quick search engine query finding the following, among many others: ADT Redwood CityAddress: 2626 Broadway St, Redwood City, CA 94063Phone: (650) 399-0736Peninsula Security SystemAddress: 1755 E Bayshore Rd Ste 28b, Redwood City, CA 94063Phone: (650) 369-7100Integrated Access SecurityAddress: 2671 El Camino Real, Redwood City, CA 94061Phone: (650) 299-9345Allways Security SystemsAddress: 870 Jefferson Ave, Redwood City, CA 94063Phone: (650) 644-4106Quality Alarm ServiceAddress: 10 Eagle Hill Ter, Redwood City, CA 94062Phone: (650) 367-6694 While the crime rate may be a high for the national average, there are few cities that are in this particular region of California that are safer to live in. With beautiful scenery and lots of culture to soak in, it is easy to see why this remains a very popular city to move to. The police department boasts a level of involvement, including a grasp of all things modern, that is rarely seen in this country. As long as the average citizen has the foresight to take the initiative to secure their home with not only an alarm system, but with one that has video-surveillance capabilities, there would be no reason to not move here and enjoy all that the city has to offer.