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Home Security: Traveler’s Guide to Finding the Right Security System

Every person is unique, and each type of security alarm system offers different benefits for the right person. Travelers are perhaps the most peculiar group because their homes are left unprotected for long periods of time. This means the right security system will adapt to this specific lifestyle. The following are just a few things frequent travelers should consider when looking for a home security system.

Why is Security so Important for Traveling Homeowners?

It is no secret that the chances of a house being burglarized are higher when the owners are on vacation, which can make things worse for a person who travels for a living. One thing that travelers or people going on vacation need to consider is their social media activity. It was recently reported that burglars are evolving with the times and the way they case a home. Burglars are using social media to find out when someone is going on vacation or traveling for work.

Be sure not to divulge this type of information online. Something as simple as posting a picture of a hotel room is a tell sign for a burglar looking for the right time to break into a home.

This makes home security imperative, and travelers need more than a simple security system.

Automate a Few Gadgets

Of course, this does not mean that a person should just lay around and do nothing at all but rather embrace a little automation. The best home security companies offer automation to clients who do not mind paying a little extra. Some common features that one will find with automation includes the following:

  • Lights can be set on a timer.
  • Television sets or computers can be turned on or off.
  • The temperature can be controlled with a timer, too.

These are just some aspects of automation that one could control. Keep in mind that these gadgets could be controlled and checked remotely, but this does require an upgrade.

Get Smart

Automation is just one of the new technologies that allow travelers to be home without really being there. Connecting the system to devices that automate certain areas of the home makes it a smart-home.

A homeowner who opts for a smart-home can enjoy the following features:

  • Doors could be unlocked or locked from anywhere, just as long as the homeowner has access to the internet.
  • Live-feed through a smart device or recorded feed is possible.
  • A homeowner can turn on motion-sensor lights when he or she chooses.

These features do require an investment and a few changes to a home, but frequent travelers will find these invaluable.

Rethink Connectivity

A home that connects to the internet with a phone line (sometimes called an ethernet cable) may not be the best option for travelers. This type of internet connection is strong but can be manipulated by a savvy burglar.

Information about the break-in will fail to reach the home security team or the police if no data is transmitted because the burglar turned off the power or cut the phone line. The best option that traveling home owners have is installing a system that uses a wireless GSM or a GPRS system.

The system is completely wireless, and burglars will not be able to stop the transmission of data by cutting the power or phone lines.

Get a Pet-Friendly System

The right home security system is highly adjustable, meaning that furry friends can live in peace alongside the security sensors. You don’t want your pet or a wild animal to set off the alarm while you are gone. The key here is to communicate to the security company the types of pets that will be in or around the home.

A high quality security system will have sensitivity sensors that can be adjusted. It is important to communicate some of the following:

  • Overall activeness of the pet
  • The size of the pet or pets
  • Weight of the pet or pets
  • Knowledge of large animals around the property to ensure the right sensitivity setting


When installing an automated or a smart security alarm system, there are a number of benefits that homeowners might not be aware of. Take the fact that pet owners can install automated pet feeders that can be controlled remotely. The homeowner could use the live-feed to check on his or her pet, and the homeowner can also use it to automatically feed the pet, which can be quite helpful.

If the homeowner opts for an automated thermostat, another benefit is given. This little machine will make sure that homes in cold areas stay warm enough to avoid issues like frozen pipes that could ruin plumbing.

It should be noted that most of these travel-friendly systems come with other added bonuses that will make the life of a traveler a little less stressful. The following are a few more bonuses that the right security system should offer a homeowner.

  • Sensors should be able to detect fire.
  • The danger of a flood will be reported as soon as it is detected.
  • Carbon monoxide can be detected as well.

Keep in mind that all of these dangers will not only be reported to the home security team but also local authorities and the homeowner, too. These bonuses definitely offer a homeowner peace of mind.

Hopefully, some of these tips will make it easier for traveling homeowners to find the right home security team to service their homes and particular needs. Remember, the home security team is applying to serve the homeowner. In essence, the homeowner is the boss, meaning it is okay to ask questions. One should not make a choice until he or she feels completely sure that the home security system can fulfill all the traveler’s needs.