ADT Deltona, Florida

How Safe Is Living In This Community Near The St. Johns River In Florida?
Deltona Florida started out as a planned residential community in 1962 but quickly grew to be much larger. The city now boasts a population of over 85,000 . It is one of the largest cities in Central Florida. The draw of this community is the small, low maintenance homes at reasonable prices. This is a commuter community with mostly residential buildings for people who work in the nearby cities of Orlando and Daytona Beach. Many people call this city Florida’s Bright Spot. The location of this city is on the north shore of Lake Monroe and along the St. Johns River in Central Florida. The Crime Statistics Even Bedroom communities must deal with violent crimes and property crimes. Deltona has a violent crime rate of 45 on a scale 1 to 100 with 1 being the lowest. The national average in 41.4. The property crime rate is 38 in comparison to a United states average of 43.5. This city is safer than 36% other cities in the United states. The chances of any one person being the victim of a violent crime are 1 in 341 and the victim of a property crime are 1 in 55. This is less than in many other parts of Florida. Determining How Safe A Family’s Home Is When determining how safe a home location may be, the homeowner will need to consider certain factors: Go online to sites that list crime statistics per neighborhood. The viewer needs to input their home address and city to get the information. One site is the police department or the city website to find out what the average police response time is per crime. The average thief will be in and out of a home in six to ten minutes, while police response time can be anywhere from four minutes to over an hour depending on several factors. How near is the police station?Check on gang-related activity in the city and in the home’s neighborhood. What gangs are located in the city?What crimes and controversies have been in the local news for the past few years?What information on neighborhood crime and safety do neighbors share?How safe do family members feel?Do a lot of neighbors have alarm systems?Is this neighborhood rated as a high or low crime area?Does this neighborhood have a neighborhood watch program? How active is it? What Steps Can Make A Home Safer? There are many ways to make a home safer and some families start at the least end of the scale and move up the security ladder as they have more money to spend or feel less safe. Get to know the neighbors so that people can watch out for each other and know what is normal for different families. Then, when a stranger is lurking, the neighbors may notice and call the police.Make sure there are good locks on all doors and latches on all windows. Then, make sure the doors are always locked and the windows are always secured when the family is not at home or at night. When the family is in the backyard, the front door should be locked.Get a family dog and post beware of dog signs. The dog does not need to be vicious, it only needs to bark to scare away intruders. This will deter some intruders, while others will neutralize the dog and break in anyway. Most thieves will avoid a home with a barking dog if nearby homes do not have dogs.Get some fake security cameras and place them prominently as a deterrent for thieves. Place the security company signs on doors and windows or a front yard sign. This will fool some thieves, while others will know the difference between fake and real security systems or not care about security systems and break-in anyway.Purchase do-it-yourself security systems that can be monitored from the homeowner’s smartphone or computer. These systems can be very affordable and effective for those with the expertise to install and monitor them. They often have security cameras with video and audio features and a loud intruder alarm.Contact a security company that does a lot of business in the home’s neighborhood and sign a contract for a security system with off-site monitoring. There are security choices at many price points. The security company representative can help the family choose the correct security system for their home. Home Security System Considerations When purchasing a security system, there are some things to consider. Many security systems are connected to the local police department in some way and send alarms to the station. False alarms can make up as much as 95% of alarms going to police stations, wasting valuable police resources. Many departments charge the homeowners fines for multiple false alarms. The best kind of security systems have alarms that have video or in-person verification features to avoid false alarms. The alarm system should strike a balance between family security and convenience. There are a certain amount of criminals who will break in no matter what. In this case, the security system should be able to record them in the act so the police can use the video record to identify and capture the criminals. Do not forget to have exterior security cameras that cover the entryway where packages are left. Thieves have been stealing packages at an increasing rate. For more security pointers go to the website.