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Time to Enforce Home Security in Huntington Beach, California

Solicitors are perhaps the most unwelcome visitors, but this just took a step in the wrong direction in Huntington Beach, Cali. A home on Coralwood Lane was recently invaded by three armed people. There was one woman and two men who were around the age of 30. The three suspects posed as solicitors but revealed their weapons when the homeowner opened the door. The perpetrators demanded cash but left before getting anything, which is puzzling Huntington Beach police. This is not a normal incident in Huntington Beach, Cali., but it speaks volumes to other home owners.

How Communities are Trying to Protect Their Homes

There are many neighborhoods in Huntington Beach, Cali., and around Orange County. One region, Laguna Woods, is considered one of the top five safest places in the United States.

Going High-Tech

Many people live in gated communities with guards and have the best home security systems installed in their homes. This includes features like the following:

  • Automated fixtures in a home like lights or sensors
  • Magnetic or electric fencing that goes off when triggered
  • High-tech cameras that ensure maximum clarity

The amount of security in this kind of community is effective but has made many citizens question whether this is taking things too far.

Being Neighborly

It may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but one good security measure a homeowner can have is friendly neighbors. Of course, it would be best if neighbors can become true friends. This makes it easier to share things like vacations or work schedules. Sharing this kind of information between neighbors makes it easier for neighbors to notice when something does not look right.

Take the incident that just occurred in the area of Hard Circle in Huntington Beach. A vigilant resident of the neighborhood noticed a man climbing into a home and immediately called the police. The man attempted to escape, but there was no way out by the time he found out that the police had arrived.

Of course, it is important to become friends with more than one neighbor to be safe, or perhaps just join a community neighborhood watch program.

There are a number of programs all over Huntington Beach and the surrounding areas, like the following:

  • 11100 Cedar St Stanton, California, 90680. To contact them, just email:
  • Ban Gangs 3606 w. morningside santa ana, California, 92703. Contact them at
  • HHME CERT 16400 Saybrook Lane #43 Huntington Beach, California, 92649. This group can be contacted at this email:
  • Glen Mar Neighborhood Watch 9852 garrett cir huntington beach, California, 92646. This group can be reached at

Of course, these are just a few of the neighborhood watch programs available, and they are only meant to supplement a good home security system.

Make the Step to Become a Watchdog

It is always possible to start a neighborhood watch program should there be no similar programs in the homeowner’s neighborhood. Consider the following steps:

1. The first step is to visit the Neighborhood Watch site for information on what you can expect from this endeavor. The site is full of tips and also gives homeowners an opportunity to order signs and pamphlets regarding Neighborhood Watch.

2. Find a core number of Neighborhood Watchers. This is the team of neighbors who are most involved and will help ensure that the entire team stays focused on the task at hand. This number is usually around eight people from different households.

3. Determine how many members are going to be in the program. Keep in mind that this program is most effective when there are many participants in the program, especially if the neighborhood is relatively large.

4. It is important to contact the Sheriff or Police Department in Huntington Beach to schedule a speaker. The speaker will go over some of the basic steps that need to be taken to ensure that this endeavor is a fruitful one. The speaker will talk about securing homes with deadbolts and installing good security systems.

5. Synchronize schedules around the neighborhood to ensure the best time for meetings. These meetings should take place at least once a month. The meetings are there to help neighbors connect and to address concerns.

6. Make sure to get all information necessary. This is up to the group, but it should include phone numbers, names, and addresses. Some groups include work schedules and vacation schedules so that neighbors know when a neighbor will not be at home. This makes it easy to detect suspicious behavior.

Of course, these are general steps. There is much more to learn, but the officer who will visit the Neighborhood Watch meeting should help with additional information regarding the neighborhood’s safety.

It should be noted that these types of programs have been associated with a 16 percent reduction of crime in a neighborhood that practices the tactics learned by the officer and the Neighborhood Watch site.

These findings should be paired with the data collected from homes with home security systems. Homes with good security systems installed are 60 percent less likely to be burglarized. It is clear that taking advantage of both security measures should help ensure the safety of a neighborhood.

Of course, there is no perfect system, but the point is to try to make sure that one’s home is protected. Crime is always impossible, but it does not hurt to be cautious.

Hopefully, these tips make it easier to understand how important it is to have a plan regarding home security. No homeowner should experience the terrors involved with a home invasion.