ADT Pomona, California

Interesting Facts About California Home Security And Why It Is Necessary
In Pomona, California, residents are at an alarmingly high risk based on crime statistics. These statistics give the city a 15 on the crime index. This implies that it is 15% safer than most major cities in the country. With this crime rate at higher than average level, homeowners need to install the right home security system to reduce their risks of becoming victims. What Crime Statistics are Available for This City? According to the crime statistics for the city, 814 violent crimes occurred in the last year. There were 5,425 crimes total for the year. Among these crimes 4,611 were related to properties. These statistics denote that 5.31 out of 1,000 residents became the victim of violent crimes. 30.07 out of 1,000 residents were victims of home invasions. 35.28 out of every 1,000 residents were a victim of a crime in the city of Pomona. There were 18 murders and 67 rapes reported in the last year. 248 residents were involved in a robbery and 481 were victims of physical assault. These statistics show that 1 in every 188 residents became a victim of a crime in this city. These excessively high rates indicate that property owners need better protection to lower their risk of becoming a victim. Is a Firearm Enough to Protect the Home? According to statistics, owning a gun could increase home security. However, all gun owners must undergo safety training and proper use of the firearms. They need additional security measures to prevent their firearms from falling into the wrong hands. The statistics indicate a greater risk of personal injuries and fatalities if proper precautions aren’t taken. For example, if the gun owner doesn’t secure the firearm effectively, an intruder could acquire it and use it to their advantage. With the frequency of home invasions in Pomona, homeowners need some added protection to prevent serious injuries and fatalities. The firearms are effective for self-defense; however, homeowners need a better method of predicted possible risks. According to statistics, crime rates are reduced when a homeowner installs a home security system. The features of the systems notify them of risks around the exterior of their property before they gain access. While guns are effective, they aren’t enough to protect the home effectively. Gang Activity in Pomona Pomona isn’t a stranger to gang activity. In fact, the most recent conviction of Rober Louis Caballero denotes the strong gang-related element in the area. Mr. Caballero was charged with three murders as well as at least two kidnapping charges. His accomplices also received hefty sentences due to their involvement in these crimes. Among the victims of these crimes were an 18 year who was kidnapped and a woman who was strangled and buried in close proximity to Mt. Baldy Village. According to reports, the city has experienced widespread fatal gang-related activity that has led to the death of numerous residents. Gang-related crimes also involve home invasions as well as victims who are often abducted on or while inside their property. These occurrences often happen due to a lack of proper security. With an effective security system, homeowners can lower their risks of becoming a victim. They can acquire a system that deters potential gang-related actions by prevent access to the property and alerting the homeowner in enough time. With the right design, homeowners have access to monitoring features that allow parents to lower risks for their family when they aren’t home. Local Colleges and Anti-Hate Rallies In recent news, Pomona College has provided funds for students who wish to participate in an anti-hate rally that was developed after the presidential election. The rally didn’t lead to an outpour of violence as it has been seen in cities throughout the country. The rally was, however, a moment of peace after the Pomona protests against the former presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. The protests did require security to escort protesters away from the scene, however, the violence didn’t escalate to the prime levels of larger cities in California and New York following the election. With the recent protests in neighboring areas increasing, homeowners need better protection for their home. A security system could reduce the impact of looting and vandalism. The property owners could discover prevailing conditions that could lead to further crimes sooner and access their connection to law enforcement. These vital features are available through updated security systems that provide faster access to control panels and remote connections. These systems provide exceptional security when it is needed the most. What is the Current State of the Housing Market? Currently, the average home value in the city is $365,000. This is considerably low for this region. It indicates that the price is around $271 per square foot. The average rental cost in the area is $1,950. These reduced values could indicate a higher probability of crime. It could also lead to further desperation for locals who want to get out of these neighborhoods. This could contribute to a higher crime rate and force property values down even more. For this reason, property owners could see even greater risks in the future. These are prime reasons for installing a home security system. In Pomona, California, residents are at an alarmingly high rate of danger. The city as experienced a higher than average crime rate including violent crimes, murders, and home invasions. For this reason, homeowners need to install home security systems that are tamper-free and safer. Homeowners who are ready to acquire these systems contact a local provider now.