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Tips for Preventing Property Crime in Medford, Oregon
Residents of Medford, Oregon have more than their fair share of crime to contend with. Although it is not an exceptionally large city, with less than 80,000 residents calling it home, crime rates are comparable to those in major urban areas. Just one percent of other communities across the country experience crime rates higher than Medford’s. This is true of both violent crime and property crime, although it’s interesting to note that the two are not always mutually exclusive. Basic Statistics to Keep in Mind According to FBI crime reports, one out of every 202 residents will become victims of violent crimes, such as aggravated assault, manslaughter, robbery, rape, and murder. Additionally, one out of 16 will fall prey to at least one form of property crime. Property crimes include burglary, theft, and arson, among others. Of course, crime rates are not uniform across the city. Areas closest to the city center and the Interstate 5 corridor experience higher rates of crime than those that are more rural. The safest neighborhoods are those located in the northwest extremes of the city. This is not unusual for an urban area. Most city residents experience higher rates of break-ins and other property crimes when they live closer to major thoroughfares, and more densely populated areas. What is unusual is that, unlike most metropolitan areas, the prevalence of crime in most neighborhoods is not directly correlated to property values. The most expensive neighborhoods are also some of the most dangerous, statistically speaking. This may be due to the city’s much higher rates of property crime than violent crime. While violent crimes often target other members of the criminal element, as is the case with gang violence or drug-related violence, property crimes typically affect people who have nothing to do with the criminals committing them. Victims are often targeted specifically based on the fact that they do live in better neighborhoods where rates of violent crime are lower. Two Case Studies of Successfully Apprehended Suspects Even this truism is sometimes proven false, though. One woman in nearby Ashland learned first-hand that burglaries and thefts are sometimes committed by acquaintances, rather than strangers. Nancy Buffington knew something suspicious was going on at her home. She had noticed that small amounts of money were going missing from her house while she was away, and suspected a former employee of breaking into her house and stealing it. She had already filed a police report, but there was no evidence to support her claim. Nancy took her personal safety into her own hands, installing surveillance cameras on her property, and connecting them to a mobile app on her cell phone. She was in Medford when the alert came to let her know something was amiss. Because of her new surveillance system, she was able to watch as her suspicions were proven accurate, and call the police in time to apprehend the suspect less than half an hour later. Her situation was somewhat unusual, as most home invasions of any sort are committed by strangers, and it’s rare to find a burglar who goes back repeatedly to the same household. However, her response was appropriate to any similar situation. By installing security cameras, she was able to take control of the situation and prevent further theft. Nearby residents could certainly benefit from similar technologies. More recently a burglar in Medford proper was apprehended thanks to a 14 year old boy. He was in the home when the burglar broke in, and had the foresight to hide and call the police immediately. The suspect left the home without stealing anything. However, he turned out to be a dangerous criminal, released from jail only hours before for contempt of court over previous unlawful use of weapons charges. Unsurprisingly, he was also in possession of a restricted weapon and methamphetamine when the burglary took place. Methamphetamine can likely be blamed for many of Medford’s burglaries. The best way for residents to protect themselves and their families is to be proactive about their home security. Police in the area are known to be helpful and professional, but are sometimes overwhelmed. Even when a resident knows that a break-in has occurred, it is much harder for the police to investigate and apprehend suspects when they do not have any hard evidence to go on. Tips on What Areas of the Property to Target Some burglars may leave fingerprints or other signs of their presence in the homes they steal from, but many others are smart enough not to. Surveillance cameras are the most effective way to help police catch suspects after the fact, but they can also deter crime to begin with. Homes with alarm and surveillance systems are 300% less likely to be broken into at all. In fact, having surveillance cameras can even help neighbors who do not have similar technological advantages. They can catch footage of suspects fleeing the scene, giving police valuable evidence. Neighborhoods in which many homes have surveillance cameras are also statistically safer than those in which no homes are protected. This benefit extends to nearby structures as well as those whose owners have taken initiative to install more comprehensive security systems. Those who are concerned about the cost of installing multiple cameras and alarms should note that most burglars target entrance points that are less visible from the street or other homes. Homeowners working within a set budget should focus first on side, back, and garage doors. This is particularly true if inadequate lighting, trees, or other landscaping features make it difficult to see them from other properties.