ADT Broomfield, Colorado

How to Tell if Your Home is Really Secure
Broomfield, Colorado is home to around 65,000 people and has seen a decline in crime in recent years. However, the decline does not mean that people can stop worrying about their chance of being a victim of a property crime. Instead, they’ll want to learn how to tell how safe they really are and determine if a security system might be a good idea to protect their home. Looking into the Local Crime Rates A person is going to want to look into the city crime rates and neighborhood crime rates to learn more about how secure their home is and to determine what they should do to further protect their home. Crime in the City – Broomfield has a crime index of 39, meaning it’s safer than about 39% of cities in America. This means it’s not one of the most crime-prone cities in the United States, but there is still a lot to be done to make the city safer. In one year, there is typically about 130 burglaries, 989 thefts, and 78 motor vehicle thefts. A person living here has a one in 54 chance of being the victim of a property crime.Crime in the Neighborhood – Along with knowing about the crime in the city, it’s important for a person to learn more about the crime in their neighborhood. In Broomfield, the southwest portion of the city tends to have more crime. The center and northeast sections are typically safer. Crime maps online offer a person the chance to check the types of crimes closest to them and how often they occur so the person can figure out how likely it is they’ll become a victim. Simple Things to Help Protect a Home There are a bunch of simple things a person can do to help prevent property crimes and to protect their home and their belongings. Just a few of the things they can do include the following, but the homeowner might want to consider other things to secure their home as well. The person should reduce the height of bushes near windows so the bottom of the window can be seen from the street. Tall bushes provide a hiding place for a thief who wants to enter the home, and reducing the height can help eliminate this hiding place.They can also make sure the front door is clearly visible at night. This can be done with lights they leave on or motion-detection lights. When the door is clearly visible, the potential thief cannot use darkness as a cover to hide long enough to pick the lock.Any person can work together with neighbors to make the entire neighborhood safer by participating in a neighborhood watch program. This has been proven to help reduce crime in neighborhoods and, if there isn’t one already, the person can work with their neighbors and the local police department to create one.It’s also important to make sure all locks are secure when the person is asleep or away. Thieves often look for an opportunity for an easy crime, not to take the time to get around obstacles like secure locks. If the home is securely locked, both windows and doors, there’s less of a chance a criminal will try to break in. Consider a Home Security System – Monitored or DIY A person who understands the crime rates for Broomfield in general and in their neighborhood might want to go ahead and purchase at least a basic security system for their home. This adds extra protection for their home and enables them to feel more secure whether they’re home or away. They can choose between two basic types of security systems. Monitored Security System – These security systems are more popular and have been around longer. A person’s home is connected through one of a few methods to a dispatch center. If the alarm is ever set off, the dispatch center is notified. Once the dispatch center ensures it is not a false alarm, they can contact the local police so an officer can head directly to the home to check on it. Alarms can be set to go off if there is movement inside the home or if a door is opened while the alarm is set. The homeowner will need to pay a monthly monitoring fee for the service.Do-It-Yourself Security System – DIY systems are installed by the homeowner and the homeowner can choose exactly which components they are interested in. They can start with basic motion detection and have alerts sent to their smartphone if any motion is detected. Then, they can contact the police if help is needed. If the person is interested in being able to view their home to reduce false alarms from the motion detector, they can set up security cameras inside or outside of the home. Many home security cameras allow for the person to use an app on their phone to view the camera and will send automatic notifications to the person if any motion is detected. For those in the Broomfield area, it’s important to note that, although crime rates are lowering, there is still a risk for a person to become the victim of a property crime. Taking the steps above and purchasing a security system for the home, however, can help a person protect their home and their family so they don’t become just another statistic. Look into what you can do today and start considering a home security system to protect your home.