ADT Daytona Beach, Florida

Check to See if You Might Want a Security System
Daytona Beach is known for the easy access to a gorgeous beach, the races, and the bike week. However, it’s also home to many residents who love being so close to the beach and who love the warm weather for most of the year. Whether a person owns a home in the area or a condo they use during the winter months only, they’re going to want to ensure it’s protected whenever they aren’t at home as this is considered a very high crime area. To do this, they might want to consider purchasing a security system for their home. Is a Security System Necessary in Daytona? A security system is a very good idea for residents of Daytona as this city has a crime index of only one out of a possible 100, which means 99% of cities in America are safer than this one. A resident in Daytona Beach has a one in 15 chance of becoming the victim of a property crime, and a home security system can help protect against this. It’s recommended that residents in the area take advantage of a security system if they are a full-year resident and if they are a snowbird who only lives in the city during the winter months. Recent crime statistics show there are 8.6 burglaries per 1,000 residents, 50.14 thefts, and 6.16 motor vehicle thefts, all of which are very high numbers for a small area like this. What’s the Best Option for Snowbirds? Snowbirds, those who are only residents of the city during the colder months and who live in a northern city when it’s warmer, are going to want to ensure they purchase a monitored security system. They will want to ensure there is someone who can alert the police to any activity at the home during the months they live elsewhere. They might also want to have security cameras installed to ensure any activity inside the home is recorded in case anything does happen and so they can keep an eye on their home when they’re away. They will want to speak with a security expert to learn more about what options are available for their home and what might be beneficial to have during the months they don’t live inside the home. Since vacant homes are going to be a prime target for thieves, having a security system can help these residents ensure their home is as safe as possible when they can’t be there. What’s the Best Option for Year-Round Residents? Residents of Daytona who live their year round will also want to get a security system, but they don’t need to purchase a monitored one. While this is still a good idea, they can also consider a do-it-yourself setup where they can choose the exact components they would like and install it on their own. If they go with the do-it-yourself option, they will want to consider motion detectors to turn on cameras and alert them via their smartphone if there is any activity at the home while they’re away so they can contact the police quickly if anything happens. They will want to look into the various options for home security systems and consider the features they might need based on the crime in their area. Since theft is so high in the area, for example, they might want to consider adding security cameras outside of their home to keep an eye on anything that might be left outside when they’re inside or away.  What Neighborhoods Have the Highest Amount of Crime? The centermost part of the city has the lowest crime rates, while the western part has medium crime rates and the easternmost section includes the areas with the highest rates of crime. A homeowner might want to check out their neighborhood on a crime rate map to learn more about how much crime occurs near their home and to find out what types of crime are more common near where they live. This can give them a better idea of what to expect close to home so they can ensure they’re prepared for it and protected against it. They might also see lower crime rates if they live close to a police station as the criminals will often not want to commit a crime nearby due to the faster response times in these areas. How Can a Person Further Protect Their Home? Residents of Daytona, especially snowbirds, might want to be sure they take part in neighborhood watch programs. These programs are already in many areas and can be started by the resident if there isn’t already one where they live. With these programs, the people living in the area assist the police by looking out for unusual activity and reporting it quickly to help stop crimes that might be occurring. Areas with a neighborhood watch program have been shown to have lower crime rates compared to neighborhoods without one. Even if a resident only lives in the area part time, they can participate in the program when they’re in the area and benefit from others participating during the time they live elsewhere. No matter if you’re a snowbird who lives in Daytona Beach a few months of the year or you’re a year-round resident, taking the time to look into a security system for your home might be a good idea. This is an excellent way to ensure someone is watching your home when you can’t be there and to ensure you don’t become a victim of a property crime. Take a look at your options today to find the right security system for your needs.