ADT Birmingham, Alabama

Crime and Safety in Birmingham, Alabama

The state of Alabama is ranked as having a slightly higher-than-average crime rate in the United States. Some of the major crimes that have pushed its ranking so high are property crimes. In fact, three of its cities are ranked among the top one hundred most unsafe cities in the country. Birmingham is one of these cities. As a result, if a person lives in the city of Birmingham, AL, taking extra safety measures is necessary. Owning a gun is not enough. One will need to install a dependable security system that helps to keep criminals away. Most criminals have an affinity for targeting properties where there is almost zero chance of detection.

Intervention by the Federal Government
In recognition of how bad things are in the city, the federal government has decided to intervene. It has granted the city $294,867 to combat crime. The grant period is estimated to be years. The funds will be funneled via the US Department of Justice. The money is sourced from a federal program called “Project Safe Neighborhoods.” The program is a collaboration of a number of organizations.
The program will be implemented in tandem with scientific data. Scientists from the University of Alabama located in Birmingham will conduct crime research. It will entail conducting data on gangs and other crimes. After that, the data will be used to increase patrols in these unsafe areas. Besides that, the data will be used to give parolees better support. It will ensure that they do not revert to crime. Besides that, preventative measures such as literacy programs for youths will be initiated.
The program recognizes that crime cannot be stopped by law enforcement alone. It is a collective effort that entails keeping youths off the streets. The aim is to prevent the future growth of crime. The mayor of the city William A. Bell Sr. has agreed to the program. He says it could potentially rid the city off the bad image that it currently has.

Crime Rate in the City
Birmingham is quite large. One of the most dominant crimes in the city is larceny. That means criminals are likely to take advantage of property left lying around unguarded. It accounts for almost 60% of all property crimes. Burglary accounts for slightly more than 30% of all property crimes. Thus, being able to deter criminals is a major issue. In the city, there were about 18,000 property crimes on average. That is a high number by any standards. Having a security system is the least anyone could do. If a person lives in the city, statistics indicate there is a one in 12 chance of getting property stolen.

Birmingham’s Most Unsafe Neighborhoods
In most cases, the inner cities are the most unsafe places to live. The neighborhoods also happen to be where most business centers are located. It would be prudent for people in these areas to have security systems. Although the areas will see increased patrols, it is important to deter criminals. Such a system can also help to alert the police on which area needs their service before a crime takes place.
Crime hotspots in the city are:

  • City Center
  • Lewisburg / Harriman Park
  • Tuscaloosa Ave SW / Lomb Ave SW
  • Graymont / East Thomas
  • Kingston / Avon Park
  • Douglasville / Village Creek
  • Lewisburg / Harriman Park

The Safest Neighborhoods
The safest areas in Birmingham are those furthest from the city center. However, due to the high crime numbers in the city, crimes of larceny are still common. Criminals will seek out homes that look vulnerable and make away with valuables. However, if a person installs a home security system, criminals tend to stay away. They especially avoid homes with alarm systems and security cameras. In addition, the people who live in these neighborhoods will most likely have a working security system. A home without such a system is setting itself up as being attractive to criminals.

  • Grayson Valley
  • Republic / Hillview
  • Pinson Valley Pky / Davis Rd
  • Shannon / Laceys Chapel
  • Roosevelt / Hudson Gardens
  • Killough Springs
  • Lynn Acres

Neighborhood Watch Programs
Having access to some of these programs can help keep one be secure. In addition, it notifies the police if an alarm goes off and the owner is away.
• Norwood Block Watch Association
1330 28th Street North
Birmingham, Alabama, 35234
• Sheriff’s Community Watch
2200 8th Ave North
Birmingham, Alabama, 35118
2300 5th Av North APT# 709
Birmingham, Alabama, 35203
• 16th Ave S Neighborhood Watch
1856 16th Avenue South
Birmingham, Alabama, 35205
County: Jefferson
Phone: 2053059988

Alarm Systems Companies in Birmingham
• Alscan
Alscan is a leader in the provision of security equipment. They install and maintain all the hardware in the home or business premises. They install covert surveillance systems, digital archiving, IP-based security systems, and many others. They are located at 237 Oxmoor Cir, Birmingham, AL 35209. They can be contact through (205) 588-7612.
• Alarm Engineers Inc
It has been serving the people of Birmingham since 1984. They install equipment that is monitored 24/7. They install both security and fire alarm systems for homes and commercial premises. They pride themselves being able to offer excellent customer service. They can be contacted through this number: (205) 578-0687. One can also access them at their physical location in Birmingham, AL 35210.
The company is among the most trusted for security installations. It serves over six million customers. They have a number of home monitoring solutions that include medical alerts, fire, and burglary. Their systems are designed for the modern mobile lifestyle. Thus, one can monitor their property even when they are far away. They can be contacted via (877) 791-7204.