ADT Jacksonville, North Carolina

This City Near The Atlantic Coast Includes Camp Lejeune Marine Base
Does Being Located by a marine military base make a community safer? The 153,000-acre marine base gives a lot to Jacksonville, North Carolina city economically. It also contributes almost half of the 70,000 population of Jacksonville. This has led to a stable economy with limited growth opportunity. The entertainment and cultural activities are limited. Boating and water sports are the main recreational opportunities in this attractive climate. Raleigh is a nearby large city 130 miles to the northwest. The location and road structure leaves this community fairly isolated. But, how safe is the city to live in? This city has a lower cost of living which attracts many people but the economy lacks diversity. People considering moving to Jacksonville will need to explore the job availability in their fields in advance. Residents that move to Jacksonville will experience a lower than average crime rate. It is safer than 15% of other cities in America. A person’s chance of being the victim of a crime is 1 in 307 which is slightly better than the average for the whole state of North Carolina. It has only 32.53 property crimes for every 1,000 residents. A low crime rate does not mean people do not worry about security. Who May Want Extra Security? Even in a relatively safe city, many residents feel a need for more than the normal practical security measures of good locks on doors and latches on windows. The more property one has, the more they want to protect it. Also, the newest security systems do more than record thefts and alert the police department. Some people move to a safe town because of personal safety concerns. So if a person chooses the city they move to largely because of low crime rates, they may want additional safety measures in place. People who have security sensitive jobs, or take sensitive work home in the evening and weekends may need advanced security measures.People with extensive collections of valuable items may worry about theft.People who have high-paying jobs or work in the financial sector of the economy may be especially security conscious.Some people have concerns about their personal safety for reasons such as being witnesses in criminal cases, having been in the national news, or having knowledge that someone does not want them to share.People who work in highly public careers such as sports teams, radio or television, newspapers, or as well-known authors. People who are often in the public eye may feel a need for enhanced security.What if a person wins the lottery or another large contest? What if they get a large inheritance? Anyone who has come into a large amount of money that is made public may have a reason for security concerns.Other people lead lives that may put them or their property at risk. They will take security very seriously. Note that it may not be a real risk that drives people to seek security systems. Some people just need security systems in place to feel safe. People who have limited mobility, handicaps, or live alone may benefit from having the correct security system. What Is The Correct Security System? Depending on the person and their individual circumstances, different security levels and services are available. Some people will choose the least expensive form of security system which is fake security cameras. People purchase realistic looking fake security cameras and place them where they can be seen around the home to discourage thieves or other intruders. This works for some people in low-risk areas. But, there are thieves who take the time to compare real and fake security cameras. Things like blinking red lights and other features only found on fake cameras will give them away. Also, these fakes may give the homeowner a false sense of security. If a crime does happen, these cameras do not record and save photos, and so will not help the police find the criminal. The best use of fake security cameras is as decoys protecting the real system or as additions to the real system to make coverage seem more complete. The final consensus is that fake cameras are better than no cameras or security.The next level of security for the homeowner is an inexpensive owner installed a security system. There are security devices for about $50.00 and up. People on a low budget who want some form of a security system can purchase and install these systems. They can include security cameras and burglar alarms that are battery operated or plugged into the home electric system. Many of these devices are designed to be invisible to the intruder. They record audio and video that is later downloaded to a computer or television for viewing. They can be quite effective with a fairly long range of recording. They are motion activated so the batteries last longer. These security cameras can be hidden in smoke detectors, doorbells, a Bluetooth device, or even coat hangers and placed anywhere the homeowner chooses. These low-cost security systems work very well for many people.The next level of security systems are more extensive and give a far greater level of security to the homeowner. There are many levels and types of security systems and contracts to choose from. Some systems can be installed by the homeowner, then the security company will monitor them off-site for a monthly fee. These systems give the homeowner the choice of many add-on features The typical system will consist of part or all of these components: door and window sensors, motion detectors, panic buttons, video security cameras, an alarm system, remote monitoring capability via a cellular network, a base station, and a wall pad for inputting security codes when arming or disarming the system. The security company can monitor these systems 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. For more security system information, go to the website.